Skitsch launches in Milan



Milan 09: new Italian design brand Skitsch launched their inaugural collection last month, including pieces by designers Front, Maarten Baas and the Campana Brothers. Above: Ziggy by Fabio Bortolani.


The launch took place at their first flagship store in Milan. Above: Haphazard Harmony by Maarten Baas.


Above and below: Scissor rocking chair by Kiki van Eijk

Here are some more details from Skitsch:


Announcing the birth of SKITSCH, a new brand and a company with a new formula in the field of design.
SKITSCH has been created by Renato Preti, who already has a record of highly successful projects in the field of furniture and interior design such as Unopiù, B&B Italia and Moooi.


Alongside Renato Preti, shareholder and C.E.O., a group of important Italian entrepreneurs who believe in the quality and innovation of the project, including Alberto Bombassei (Vice President of Confindustria [the Italian Industrialist Association], President and CEO of Brembo Group) and Luca Bombassei (partner and founder of BLAST architects in Milan), Adriano Teso (President of IVM Group), Isidoro Fratus (President of MDF and Managing Director of Atalanta Football Club) and Giuseppe Cornetto Bourlot (President of KINES Finanziaria and representative of Schroders in Rome). Below: Cacto by Jiri Pelcl


The development of the new brand will be based on four main innovations:

  • a direct and multi-channel system of distribution, focused on flagship stores, sales catalogues and e-commerce;
  • a collection of design objects, all exclusively created by prestigious designers to combine quality, functionality and “reason why” with a creative and emotional project;
  • a range of products that covers all the needs and desires, from furniture to accessories, from candles to games, which is aimed to provide clients with an integrated service that will allow them to find a complete and varied offer all in one store, catalogue or website;
  • a selection of proposals from objects to furniture and accessories, conceived and organized to give clients an eclectic and original choice for both indoor and outdoor.


SKITSCH will debut at the next Salone del Mobile, Milan Furniture Week, with a great event to celebrate both the launch of the brand and the opening of its first flagship store: 600 square metres and 13 windows, in the heart of Milan, in Via Monte di Pietà 11 (on the corner of Via Fratelli Gabba). Above and below: Build Up by Philippe Nigro


The first collection will offer more than 50 new design projects created by 28 of the most well-known designers on the international design scene, and some of the most interesting emerging ones, under the artistic supervision of Cristina Morozzi. Below: 2DLED Lamp by ding3000


Completing the collection, a careful selection of existing pieces by renowned designers from the most interesting Italian and international design companies who work in line with the philosophy of SKITSCH. Below: Bookshelf by Front


The choice of the name SKITSCH fully expresses the philosophy of the brand: to offer a selection of non ordinary, high quality and great design products directly to the final client. Below: Blow Up Table by Xavier Lust


Elspeth Diederix, the famous photographer and visual artist, will shoot the advertising campaign.


Above and below: Zucca by Todd Bracher


Below and top image: Ziggy by Fabio Bortolani


Below: Cuir by Palomba Serafini.


Below: Wood Floor Lamp by the Campana Brothers


Below: Mirrored High Dresser by Joost van Bleiswijk


Below: Squilibri by Philippe Nigro


Below: Saily by Pagani & Perversi


Below: Oppiacei by Diego Grandi and Manolo Bossi


Below: Oppiacei Papaver by Diego Grandi and Manolo Bossi


Below: Cardboard Vase by Paolo Ulian


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  • Is it terrible that I find the most compelling pieces to be those of Kiki van Eik and Joost van Bleiswijk? I really do try not to be biased…

  • jed_

    some good stuff, no doubt about it, but if you ask so many big name designers to contribute a design you don’t really end up with a collection, do you? just a lot of random pieces of furniture.

  • themokeysays

    Auch… uuups… well nice to see new companies around, but quality… hmm.. they have a lot of hard work in bringing in some quality into this (at most) studential collection

  • seems like an Italian response to Established and sons….

  • marcus

    I agree with Jed, looks like when i was a kid and i was collecting stickers of football players…

  • I believe the proposal of skitsch is to offer different and new designers and not to show a collection with a unity between the pieces. Diversity, novelty and freshness.
    In the end people go buy a single piece anyway not a whole collection to decorate their homes.

  • “seems like an Italian response to Established and sons” ?
    My visual first selection : Blow Up Table by Xavier Lust ( Cristina Morozzi ask him 2 stools inside the feet) and 2DLED Lamp by ding3000

  • Lydia

    At last a design store not a museum or an art gallery! The concept of Skitsch is very clear to me: pieces that can easily fit into any home instead of homes to be fitted into design pieces. But I’m only a design lover bored by show rooms and collections…

  • elisabeth

    see the video of the party at SKITSCH for the presentation of the new catalog on Via Montenapoleone site:

  • Frank

    I’ve just bought two candle holders of Maarten Baas via Skitsch. The seizes of the candle holders are completely different. So, you have to use different types of candles in the same holders. I’ve asked Skitsch for a comment. They told me “Those candle holders are handmade. So, you have to accept this”.
    It’s clear that the modern design products aren’t developed for usage in daily life anymore.