House D by Bevk Perovic Architects



Ljubljana practice Bevk Perovic Architects have completed a residence called House D in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


The house includes an underground gymnasium including a sauna, swimming pool and music room, lit by three atria.


Terraces on the ground and first floors are equal in size to the rooms from which they extend.


Photographs by Miran Kambič.

Here are some more details form the architects:


House D, Ljubljana, Slovenia
bevk perović arhitekti

House D is located the prestigious neighbourhood of single family houses in the vicinity of the centre of Ljubljana. Its concept was defined by the programme required by clients with a specific lifestyle.


A couple without children wanted a house with one living room, one bedroom and a gymnasium. But, despite the simplicity of the brief, the task was complex - there was too much programme demanded for a relatively small plot of land. A large part of the house is therefore hidden in the ground forming an introvert world secluded from the surroundings. Each floor of the house offers a different level of privacy and relation to the outside space.


The underground gymnasium, containing working space, fitness, sauna, swimming pool, music room and three atriums, forms a vast base of the house which covers almost the entire plot. It is punctuated by atriums establishing continuous relationship between interior and exterior spaces. The rooms and swiming pool are framed by glass walls which enable the natural light to enter the spaces.


The living room with reception area, open kitchen and dining area inhabits the first floor and continues over the external terraces which double the space. The walk around planted atriums which appear as small gardens offers glimpses of the world below. Terrace overlooks the neighbouring wild green area protected and owned by the city, which becomes the extended 'visual' garden of the house.


Another smooth transition between inside and outside is on the upper floor where bedroom with integrated bathroom facilities continues onto the terrace of the same size as the room. This terrace offers a broader view, an orientation towards the city and the neighborhood.


The house is organized as a series of carefully planned spatial sequences starting with a front garden. This garden is open, not fenced off as the gardens in the neighborhood, and forms an almost semi public area which simultaneously belongs to the street and the house.


The polished concrete exterior platform - a kind of treshhold - leads to the shallow stairs leading to the living room level. There is a smooth system of circulation within different fields of activity in the house which are also stressed by different use of materials. Terrazzo floors mark more public areas while the private ones have wooden floors in douglas fir.


The house is built in concrete which enabled vast spans and spaces. The concrete has been cast on site, sanded and polished, revealing a sedimental character of the material. The house's outside appearance is enigmatic, entirely different from the houses in the neighbourhood. The closed cubic forms with a street facade made of polished concrete reveal nothing of the luxurious world inside.


building: House D
address: Rožna dolina, SI-1000 Ljubljana
client: private
programme: private house
site area: 627,64 m2
project team: bevk perović arhitekti
Matija Bevk, Vasa J. Perović, Uršula Oitzl, Ida Sedušak
photographer: Miran Kambič





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  • I love the sheer simplicity, beauty and simple materials, quality of light, geometry.. there’s so much to say, but i need to get back to work.. :)

  • JDR

    i’m amased

    a very good project,
    lot of respect for material use, simplicity in detailling, integrating in urban context without losing identity and even if it looks new and fresh now, I guess it will still look good and more mature in a few years.


  • g22

    lovely! great job!

  • beautiful house.. great detailing, compliments…

  • windbag

    a real beauty.
    hats off to the contractor who realized the concrete surfaces, not easy to find so nicely smooth and clean.

  • The neighbors are all wondering when someone will unpack the giant concrete box next door and build a house. Jealous?

    To be honest, the façade and landscaping need some real attention. I would not have guessed this home was full of lovely little details passing it on the street. Any sort of drip edge, expansion joints, a window or maybe lights would add the thing that is missing. I only imagine when it rains, the façade looks right.

    It was a shock to see that the doors leading out onto the deck were on hinges. Looking at the images, I would have guessed they were on a smooth sliding track. For being so clean, the interior details and materials seem just right. It is hard to see, but there is a nice light shelf along the edge of the kitchen the illuminates the living/dining area. That theme probably could have been repeated and expanded upon elsewhere in the home. I am not a fan of evenly spaced can lights without thought to the function of a space.

    But for a concrete home, not located in America, where you can get away without railings, it is well done. The no thrills aspect seems to make a quiet space for a home.

  • Richie

    I like the chunkiness of it, and the spaces seem nicely scaled.

  • I absolutely love it. Exactly the sort of home I would live it if I had a bazillion dollars to spend … although it seems a bit incongruous in THAT neighborhood.

  • G

    Magnificent. Love it. Dead jealous, I am.

  • floyd landis

    I love the dangerousness. Somebody is going over the edge and they will sue the architect and the homeowner until they bleed.

  • klejdi

    yes :-). But nobody will survive to do it. So no danger of sue

  • Matthias

    Yeah, I was about to ask: how do you do this in Slovenia (high deck with no railings?) The only thing I can think of is you describe it as a roof and say there’s really no access there. One of those days the roof magically becomes a deck after you open the “access panel” to clean the leaves.

    Anyway the blood splatter could provide an interesting accent to the floor below

  • scarpasez

    What a house. It’s really exquisite: the detailing, the strength of the primary geometry and interventions.

    The challenge: let’s now see an affordable 180 sq meter version. It can be done. Architects need to bring this kind of creativity forward!

  • Beautiful colour scheme and proportion ….if you look at it as totality. Interior/exterior/ surrounding nature are treated as a material to deal with. A work of art, simple and meditative, which is most difficult to achieve.

  • Georgiana

    Such a simple brief.. and so complex achievement! I am proud of being an becoming-architect.. when I see such beautiful approach and balance in all aspects of the design! Exposed concrete is one of my favourite extrernal finishes option. This is a good example in showing its “abilities”.

  • DiaphanousAbyss

    i REALLY like it, but the backyard is suicide zone for a kid chasing a kite.

  • Joe

    Love it!

  • tat


  • Love it! It is beautiful.

    Would love to see a transparent floor with a swimming pool beneath one of the rooms – just as a conversation piece.

  • juliet

    well done… minimalistic rules!

  • arhipura

    great house,pure and simple architecture…