"Ive, Apple’s Design Chief, Loses Fight to Stop Use of His Name"

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Dezeenwire: The World Intellectual Property Organization has rejected a bid by Jonathan Ive, Apple's vice president of industrial design, to prevent a London fan exploiting jonathanive.com, jonyive.com and other domain names. Bloomberg

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  • Brian

    My sympathies go out to and are with J.Ive. It is obvious, though, that if one lives one’s life in extreme privacy, wary of marketing aspects of I.P., RIGHTLY wishing to be known for one’s work and not image (Mr. Rashid…) these things can happen. The fame game is a slippery slope, where everyone wants a piece of you (I should know!). Almost all young designers are taught these days to register their names! This shows this can happen to any designer at any level, if precautions are not taken!