Moonbird by Yukio Hashimoto for Yamagiwa



Milan 09: lighting manufacturers Yamagiwa launched a lamp called Moonbird by Japanese designer Yukio Hashimoto in Milan last month.


"I designed this lamp with the image of a bird perched silently under the moonlight in mind," says Hashimoto.


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The information below is from Yamagiwa:


Each body is individually carved in wood. State of the art light source technology is applied for the ultra-thin sleek illuminated panel. The sculptural form of this lamp is enhanced by the harmony of warm natural materials combined with advanced technology.


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  • modular

    Beautiful…. the one with the wood finish. I really don’t like the ‘painted ones’…

  • I agree, the woodgrain really speaks about the process of how it was fabricated. anilin dye perhaps? Good work.

  • One

    It is so tasty..

  • morgan geist

    Hello, This is Morgan

    Interesting how the cable and switch are never shown in any of the images.
    Is the designer not satisfied by the solution and is hiding it?

    A form so considered as this is not complete unless there is pure harmony with every detail. It’s flawless curves almost do not allow for any thing more, not even a cable and switch which bring life to the light.

    Morgan Geist

  • Fling

    Could also be a cool dustbuster Or a awesome toothbrush. Maybe a trendy garden tool. A desgner toiletbrush. Would be a radical hatstand. Could imagine this also as a nouveau shoe horn. It reminds one of a chic streetlamp. Completely reinvents the hairdryer. Smart make-up mirror. Revolutionary garlic crusher, or the wing mirror off a world changing electric vehicle. The friendly face of anti personnel devices. A saucy sex toy. The latest in non-stick spatulas, portable entertainment interface. The latest Gillette fiftuple bladed whatnot. A sleek shower head. A cuddly mobile phone mast.

  • Thought it was lame until I saw the wood finish. Great job.

  • Yeah the wood one is great, though does it come with a dimmer because the angle cannot be adjusted

  • Beautiful visually – good point about the cable and flex though. I also wonder how stable it is – it appears to be a desk lamp and so will inevitably be close to activity…

  • The wood is certainly the most compelling. Perhaps the cord is underneath and disappears through a hole in the desk? I worry some functionality is lost in not being to adjust it but these curves, these perfect curves beg for expansion into additional pieces.

  • Azm

    I adore the wood one so simple & functional,the second image shows a bit of the cable.

  • Justin

    When I imagine the inspirational bird poised in the moonlight, I see the moonlight casting a distinct shadow of the beak. It’s an interesting abstraction that in the designed piece, the “beak” becomes the source of light, as opposed to the source of shadow.

    The function of a lamp is to create light. To do so with a form that initially blocks light and creates a shadow, is a fitting design concept.

  • eric

    this reminds me of the leaf lamp by yves behar, if the leaf lamp was attractive. nice job. i think the aniline wood dyes is a nice suggestion as well.

  • Paul

    It undoubtedly has got that unique Japanese touch.

  • Salvadore

    reminds me of constantin brancusi

  • Cindy

    How about a window+windshield scraper/cleaner? Looks like it would come in handy for icy regions and for the gas station/car wash.