Vanitas lamp by Charlotte Dumoncel d'Argence



Milan 09: French designer Charlotte Dumoncel d'Argence presented a lamp featuring bare, frayed electrical flex at the Jewels and Joules exhibition in Zona Tortona, Milan last month.


The lamp is part of her Vanitas for a Contemporary Society series of objects, inspired by 17th century vanitas paintings, which served as reminders of the transience of life and the certainty of death.


The Jewels and Joules exhibition presented work that is both designed and made by design studios in Eindhoven, Netherlands.


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Here's some text from Dumoncel d'Argence:


Everyday alarming information all seem to merge into one conclusion: our world in unrelentingly going forward to its end. The contemporary Vanitas are melancholically questioning the fate of our society. They are conveying a disenchanting vision of our world, celebrating the pleasure of what is now while meditating on its fragility. The massive copper cable gets loose and ramifies into nothingness. The light bulb itself dangles from a thin copper; the whole object freezes in time its decaying process.

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  • Just the sort of thing to give your average electrician nightmares.

  • But is the light suggesting a good end then?

  • Life is such a strange thing, sometimes we are full of life and sometimes life is full of us….

  • laura

    congrats charlotte!
    happy to find you in the web!

  • Nathan

    I’d find it more interesting if there were no bulb, and the tips of the wires lit up.

  • It’s lighting poetry, good job charlotte! Fantastic that it is on show at Moss, by the way, I saw it last week and it looked supergreat over there!

  • suffin

    Very nice. reminds one a bit of admirs BingoIngo light…

  • Joan B

    Great!!!! I love the idea !! a little pessimistic and very poetic, so nice!!!