Furniture to last 300 years by Brikolör



Milan 09: a group of designer-makers called Brikolör, based in  based in Gothenburg, Sweden, have designed a collection of furniture guaranteed to last 300 years.


The collection includes two cabinets made of partly-varnished, solid larch, a stool with uneven legs made of ash and an armchair made of turned, ash components.


Above: LODLÄRK Storage/cabinet in solid larch. Part-varnished/part untreated.

The project was on show as part of the SaloneSatellite at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan last month. All images by Niclas Löfgren unless otherwise stated. Captions are from the designers.


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Here's information from Brikolör:


300 years durability. Guaranteed.

There is no concept outside the product itself. The question is rather; can there be such a thing as a quality within? Is there a sort of soul of a product or a furniture in itself? If so, how is that created? Is it when the many years experienced craftsman or designer builds something that truly matters to him or her?


Can you feel any of that by looking at a particular piece of furniture? By touching its texture? Do we even need to experience that feeling in order to build a lasting relationship with the product? Above: VÅGLÄRK Storage/cabinet made of solid larch. Part-varnished/part untreated.


Brikolör has the ambition to manufacture furniture with a guaranteed emotional and technical durability of 300 years. Milan 2009 marks the start for our ambition.Above: ÄLTA-ÄLTA Stool with legs of solid ash. Seat in varnished ash-veneer or padded genuine leather.


Brikolör will save the world.


Above and below: PÄRLAN X 2 Chair made from turned solid ash. Laminated woodsides. Varnished.



Victor Alm (b. 1975), carpenter and MFA from HDK, Göteborg University, Sweden, with additional education from Pratt University, New York, USA, and from Rietvald Akademie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Mathias Eriksson (b. 1981), a trained journalist and working project manager in advertising, Göteborg, Sweden.


Fredrik Hansson (b. 1981), carpenter and working architect (partner of Okidoki Arkitekter) educated at Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden.


Above: HÄGG: Storage/cabinet in ash veneer. Plinth, iron-weighted. Pattern-stained. Pattern by Rasmus Hägg. Photo by Johanna Ekmark.


Sami Kallio (b.1975), carpenter and MFA from HDK, Göteborg University, Sweden, with additional education from UIAH Helsinki, Finland. Sami was awarded first price at the Caiazza Memorial Challenge 2006 for his chair “Stitch”.

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  • phil

    actually pretty nice, altough the paint is really really really ugly

  • Dido

    Yeah, but the details are really really good!!!

  • krystofur

    He he,

    How pretentious.

    There is one theoretical small snag here, like by most other ’emotionally durable’ design projects. Isn’t this process too linear? The so-called emotional attachment is imposed the designer.

    Unless of course, the designers are making all this fancy stuff for themselves…

    While we are at it; why precisely three hundred years?

    Anyway, the patterned storage/cabinet is probably the most in tune with the description: it looks like a server/ network cabinet; suggesting advanced ubiquitous computing thing or so; if that is the future…

    Nevertheless, I cannot quite figure out what a bird looking object is doing on the top of this cabinet.

    I guess that is the carrier of the emotional durability.

  • The Alta Alta stool is very elegant. The uneven legs suggest a ballerina performing a petit battement.

  • Really nice design! I like the chair, but wonder whether it’s good to sit on.

  • tiffany

    Maybe it’s constructed in a way it will last 300 years, but the ’emotional durability’ is for sure not there. Specially the chair is extremely ugly.

  • dani

    i think this designs are way too trendy to be emotional durabel.

  • Salvadore

    I think its a very nice collection. I really like everything about them but the best thing is that copboard. Now thats going to last 500 emotional years.

  • I have to agree very nice but what is up with that paint, it almost feels like the furniture is talking to you, that it just wants to come a live and say I am here!!!