Feel the Difference by NL Architects



Dutch practice NL Architects have transformed the brutalist facade of the Slovenská Národná Galéria (Slovak National Gallery) in Bratislava into an upside-down highway with road markings and cars.


The installation coincides with an exhibition of NL Architects' work in the building, which was designed by Vladimir Dedecek and completed in 1979.


The exhibition, called Modernice! is currently on show in the the museum until 21 June. Above: original photo by Hertha Harnaus.


More details about the exhibition on NL Architects' blog.


Here's some more information from the architects:


Modernice! NL Architects at Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava

From may 19th until june 21st the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava has invited us for an exhibition in a spectacular over 50 meter long 'bridge' of the museum. Titled 'Modernice!' the exhibition shows 'numerous projects in various stages of development' of NL Architects.

As an introduction to this exhibition a short reflection on the brutal sculptural museum building by Vladimir Dedecek is attached. It's brutal and elegant facade is currently ruined by a gigantic billboard that obscures it's qualities. The project 'Feel the difference' is an attempt to invent a specific advertisement for this building.

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  • Steve D

    the top picture reminds me of the BEST outlet stores by Site Architects

  • This is very similar to the 2008 BMW car advertising in Russia:

    > http://www.worldcarfans.com/9080402.001/full-size-bmw-m-cars-mounted-to-huge-russian-billboard

    More creative billboards:

    > http://www.toxel.com/inspiration/2009/01/05/clever-and-creative-billboard-advertising
    … with mini and mercedes doing the same trick.

  • m of a

    please people save this building, the bratislavian authorities have been trying to tear it down several times. spread the word, this is one of the most important buildings of the 20th century, yes i do not joke, i believe so. good that it is still used…


  • anu

    hai,..one of the building i liked in Bratislava during my visit doing exchange semester there in architecture department,…i would say this building needs to be more lively with students hanging around, so just make it a part of the architectural VSVU art academy part and all student will keep transforming the facade into many more such creative ideas…..