Prince’s meddling ‘unconstitutional’ – The Guardian

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Dezeenwire: architect Richard Rogers has attacked Prince Charles' role in the scrapping of his design for Chelsea barracks in London as "an abuse of power" and called for an inquiry. The Guardian Related: Elite Architects attack Prince Charles

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  • tanya telford – T

    this is something which i hope can be resolved and soon – from what ive read this morning, the situation seems to be getting worse, the way i understand it is Prince Charles is arguing that its better not to lose all traditional and classical references, for various reasons (and there are many) and to consider the environment, surroundings & nature as well as locality where as Lord Rogers (Richard Rogers) – the press keep changing the way his name is written – is saying that Prince Charles should have said nothing, and the project would have created jobs. I no nothing of constitutional laws etc, but surely the challenge here (and opportunity) is just for something slightly better to be built. If Lord Rogers has been working on the project for years, can he not make some slight, environmental etc etc changes to the plans & design. And strange, but then the site might end up becoming very renown, in a good way.