Sling Back by Quirky



A cable-tidying device called Sling Back (above) is the first product to be launched by Quirky, an new web-based service where product ideas submitted by designers are selected and developed by an online social community.


The Quirky community select one product per week from submitted ideas to take forward for development and eventually be sold in the online shop.


For the products that make it into production, thirty cents of each dollar made through their sale goes back to the collaborators involved in realising the product.


It costs $99 dollars to submit an idea. Where submissions are not taken forward for development, the originator receives the market research data obtained during the selection process.


Upcoming products are sold at a discount to guarantee enough sales are made before the product goes into full production. Quirky is the brainchild of American designer and entrepreneur Ben Kaufman.

Posted on Tuesday June 16th 2009 at 1:28 pm by Brad Turner. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Teapodd

    Better to not sing in, so others would have bigger chance to not lose their money :)

    Another question who would make those designs – qualification?

    And its better to make small factory somewhere in not developed area, co realisation would be cheaper :)

  • Tyler

    This reminds me of iMacs, circa late 90’s. Love the idea of the website, but this particular project is a little stale.

  • toodles

    just can’t see this working out.


  • cantileverer

    upon reading through the website of this venture and looking at this product in particular. i would be very wary of investing 99 dollari. a little bit flakey

  • cd

    totally…how bout this – we submit ideas, then, IF you use my idea you can pay me for it.

  • I’m not sure that this is more attractive than just seeing a cable itself…

    Would we next need a large shiny containing device to hide the stack of large shiny containing devices?