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We've created a new category on Dezeen, featuring all our stories about Zaha Hadid. Enjoy! Featured architect: Zaha Hadid

Posted on Thursday June 18th 2009 at 2:05 pm by . Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • alex

    that’s a good move

  • recon::decon

    really? Zaha is so last year.

  • ajua

    T-mobile from Gunther Domenig !!!

    Zaha is disapointing…

  • Q

    i didn’t know that humping building in the picture, not as bad as alsop =D

  • ck

    Dear Editor,

    Why does Zaha get so much more coverage on dezeen than other architects?

  • spam!

    perhaps cause of her sheer amount of pictures… its nice to have a zaha section on here, perhaps it helps to keep the architecture section a bit more cleaner without all the zaha spam ;-)

  • Martin

    That Gunther Domenig project is so similar to my failed diploma project from Birmingham School of Architecture in 1994, its depressing. I say more Gunther Behnisch :-)

  • cd



    is there a way to block it from my browser window?

    thanks – that’d be great!!!!!!

  • christian

    who to hell is zaha?

  • scruces

    Why so many Zaha haters…jealous blokes probably, only those as prolific should criticize, and even then, most criticism I’ve seen here is baseless and unintelligible. Kind’a sad. Zaha is not so last year, but rather so 15 years ago, learn about the rest of the architects in her class and the deconstructivism that inspired them all, From the literary movement to the Russian art movement, to it’s interpretation in sculpture and architecture – learn about Eisenman, Gehry, Tschumi, Morphosis, Mayne, Moss, Coop Himelblau, G.Domenig, Alsop and maybe you’ll even see some of her work, their work, and Derrida’s thinking, in your own. That said though, those pictures posted of the T-mobile project show just how insensitive this conceptual architecture is to context – perhaps it reads well on paper and in renderings, but when having to confront the same in actuality, then perhaps the haters are justified in their sentiment.

  • LOL, a big **** you to all the haters (myself included) on the Zaha articles Dezeen puts out. Pretty cool… shows y’all have sense of humour. J’approuve. :)