S+tarck with Ballantyne by Philippe Starck



French designer Philippe Starck has designed a range of cashmere garments for Italian brand Ballantyne.


Called S+TARCK WITH BALLANTYNE, the range includes 30 items of menswear and 30 items of women's wear.


The collection goes on sale in October. Here's some info from Ballantyne:


Philippe Starck, genius of contemporary architecture and design is experimenting, for the first time, his talent in fashion and in particular in cashmere with S+TARCK WITH BALLANTYNE a complete collection for men and woman.


The worldwide famous designer chose the  experience and the know how of Ballantyne, the prestigious international brand which since 1921 masters the most refined techniques  in cashmere knitwear, to team up and to formulate a new project, a new brand - S+TARCK WITH BALLANTYNE - with an innovative proposal of "intelligent cashmere".


A combination of multi function garments with new ergonomics and contemporary fittings: the right cashmere, at the right time, for the right purpose.


S+TARCK WITH BALLANTYNE is an intelligent and useful collection composed of 30 pieces for men’s and 30 for women’s in line with the needs of modern life. It is aimed at people who cherish longevity and who appreciate elegance of the intelligence through innovative materials to pass on a modern heritage.


The materials and garments are all exclusively developed and researched at the Ballantyne Workshop in Innerleithen in Scotland, to exactly represent the timeless vision of Philippe Starck for this collection. Wet-out cashmere dominates, and is combined with technical fabrics. Silk linings for lighter garments make these pieces desirable objects with simple elegance. For colder seasons, jackets and coats are equipped with “teddy-bear” detachable waistcoats, whose pockets are deliberately camouflaged to maintain the purity of the silhouette.

Hoods on knitwear and on outwear, as well as fluorescent colors of some pieces, remind the double language of this collection full of humor. Some details, such as double-position collars, increases the out wear versatility and ergonomics.

S+TARCK WITH BALLANTYNE offers a complete wardrobe, including many different knitwear dresses that reveal peculiar details, some representing real inventions, and that found natural elegance, such as the men’s cashmere sweater that fit in a dynamic way of life.

Philippe Starck vision was to emphasize the natural versatility of cashmere in a modern but timeless approach with the expression of sexiness and desirability.

"S+TARCK WITH BALLANTYNE collection is nothing else than just what we really need anytime, anywhere, using the natural high technology of cashmere to explore the new territory on timeless elegance of intelligence.”

“I decided to collaborate with Ballantyne because of their ancestral know-how, their strong expertise in cashmere and the Scottish roots of the company. Not to mention the illustrious clients who guided Ballantyne's taste and choices throughout the years. All this confirms the guarantee of the final high quality I demand for my line of products”.

Years of research and development at the Ballantyne workshop allowed to successfully meet challenges that this multitasking creator set, within the guarantee of the highest standards of quality that this brand has since ever towards its clients.

The innovative partnership between Ballantyne and Philippe Starck is completed with a new wardrobe trunk concept for the Ballantyne flagship stores and selected international multi-brand stores. This element designed by Philippe Starck, is a real invitation to discover the complete universe of Philippe Starck ‘s vision and it shows its wide offer: dresses, hats, scarves, belts, glasses, bags…

S+TARCK WITH BALLANTYNE sales campaign started from 15th of May till the 15th of June 2009. The Collection will be on sale from October 2009 in Ballantyne flagship stores and selected multi-brand stores. To celebrate this ambitious project, Ballantyne will dedicate all its new London store of Notting Hill starting from next October exclusively to the S+TARCK WITH BALLANTYNE collection.

S+TARCK WITH BALLANTYNE will be revealed and celebrated on 16th June 2009 with an exclusive event in partnership with Pitti Immagine in Florence, with the presence of Philippe Starck as guest star of the June 2009 edition of Pitti.

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  • mikaël

    Guess who is going to dress up as post-techno-design-guy from 1996 this Haloween …. me, with the help of Philippe Starck

  • kate

    hmmm… nice guy! ;-)

  • Tyler

    So… let me get this straight… Philippe Starck just took a bunch of thrift store cashmere and put hoods on them? Do I win something for getting that?

  • fil

    so mid 90’s

  • helen tip

    of all the amazing up and coming fasion designers that could have been presented with this project and done something amazing.. why do conpanies turn to big wigs just for name sake ill never know. do some research and find out whats out there ballantyne! this stuff is just as mikael says…!

  • Bas

    It’s like when designers do architecture, architects do design, fashion designers do interiors, … it doesn’t really work.

  • JC

    Mr Starck will explain us that this is ten years in advance on it’s time, so 1996+10=2006, it is so 2006!

  • yo

    agree with Bas, it does NOT work. it doesn’t sell either, i guess…

  • def


    its just faster and maybe even cheaper to just put a big name instead doing all the research and coming with something new that might not sell well becasue the public wont feel secure enough to buy something without a serious name stamped on it.

  • @ Bas , sometimes it doesntwork when designer do design…. aso
    vertical job is not the future

  • modular

    Poor old Starck. He needs new and fresh blood on his studio.

  • tanya telford – T

    the review of the collection reads differently here. Ive read a couple of articles on this. I think there is potentially some very good & viable sustainability thinking behind this collection – above and beyond fashion, plus i think they have only just started this particular collection…… and actually when you picture the guy in the 3 quater length coat with jeans on instead plus different shoes and the inside of the hood maybe be a different colour (all minor design changes) I think the coat could easily become quite cool,

  • eduardo alvares

    hmmm… nice guy!
    hummmmm…nice girl!
    which garments?!?!?!?
    non so piu cosa son cosa faccio!!!

  • tanya telford – T

    maybe the inside of the hood looks a little off because its a block colour, or maybe the tone is slightly out? etc etc,

  • @ modular
    He needs new and fresh blood on his studio.=> send a letter to Gaugain , chef studio as crasset did

  • If I had to wear something like that, I’d be pouting also.

  • Luxury Larry

    It’s time Dezeen starts being selective what the post on here!

  • berts bobje

    Sustainable thinking is good, we should all do that, but please, tranform it in such objects, and clothing in this case, that you really wanna have. Something that makes people feel good, and look good. Really, I would not even dress my dog in these 90’s rags.

    Sustainable should be attractive.

  • tanya telford – T

    yes, true but is anyone else in europe making/producing luxury, ininnovate, sustainable, as enviromentally friendly as possible, natural, feel good fabrics? – (although I don’t know for a fact that the fabric used here is all of that) – im just guessing its something like that as it states above that they have been researching,

  • tanya telford – T

    i meant, yes its true, sustainabilty should be attractive. But what makes the above garments so unattractive? i guessing the dress is for winter/colder climates, maybe grown in scarf would be good too? i initially thought detachable hood but then, personally i would’t bother with the hood at all, plus id probably leave some where… plus putting a hood on when wearing the dress could be a bit difficult, .

    Actually, if you imagine a grown in scafe, say about a 3rd of the depth – from neckline to chin – then i think it could look like a new/modern/simple, version of a Jean Muir dress. That could be good.

  • really hot!

  • andie

    they all look the same to me…..why bother to show different views

  • damfak

    When you see what the Italian brand Ballantyne does, its pretty advanced what starck archived here….

  • I dunnot know anything about fashion .
    I know only some fashion victims +design addicts + crises victims…

    I was a Starck addict learning design in hand drawings by Starck ( by Christine Colin) before S+tarck and Starck + X….+Christophe Pillet’s drawing book .+ Matali Crasset’s book aso … That’s all for ex Starck team leaders.
    I sorry also because i studied english in listening video by Starck

    PS :I must only notice the Paris shop and site shop Objects By +++++PS “fait peau neuve”.for shopping victims and sale victims…

  • Brian

    Marcus, dude,
    C’mon… There were LCF and CSM fashion students doing this like… 6-10 years ago. Just because of ‘Phil Stark’ name you publish it?????

    They must have just caught up with the brief in time, well at least they have lots of work!!!!

    When are you going to post our stuff? We sent it like a month ago!


  • Jack

    Starck’s website really sucks.

  • Elaine

    I think this is great! I can’t wait to buy it…

  • florence

    Great ! But, where can I buy it in Paris ? Thank for an answer

  • i also like this dress and i wear this dress every hot season