This is a Fan by Julien Carretero



Designer Julien Carretero has created a domestic fan from a wire cage, a motor and an industrial strap.


The fan is called This is a Fan.


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Here is a little bit of text from Carretero:


Computers, cars, ventilators... all use fans, which although usually hidden by a grating shield are components of many everyday objects.


This is a Fan proposes an alternative presentation of this device, which is as functional as it is discreet.

A protecting cage designed as a case/support in which the fan is simply strapped suddenly brings it to life. Fragile and naked.

This is a Fan won the Seb prize at the Design Parade 2009 festival at the Villa Noailles (Hyères).

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  • Year of The Monkey

    Ikea do it better.

  • Joaquin

    Give me a break!

  • marius

    i’ve already seen this little film of the fan… quite nice

  • designgurunyc

    Oh please, enough already.
    I have an idea. Let’s make a new design, let’s call it here is nothing. Let’s sell it as a “designer’s run’ of ,say, 21. Let’s charge a fortune for the privilege. Oh and let’s just pray that the press and the buyers don’t discover that there is nothing there.
    The emperors new clothes are now (metaphorically) in tatters. Can we now please return to actual design, rather than being hung up on bad design attached to some pretentious title.
    A title for a design does not give it merit. Please, Dezeen, take a stand and stop adding fuel to this inferno of really poor outdated conceptual design with no real content, and start editing what you show on this sight with a more discerning eye.

  • bodkin

    designgurunyc speaks the truth. haven’t you noticed that fans pretty much always come ready-made from shops fixed in cages, but without the messy and unecessary profusion of brightly coloured straps? they simply make a useful and simple object / product needlessly fussy and awkward. it kind of reminds me of that ‘design’ that featured here recently that sought to redesign the humble potato masher by making it needlessly overcomplicated. keep it simple guys

  • JohnH

    I could put my hamster in there, and charge the grid for the electricty he generates.

  • jlen

    Or spread him on your toast.