Out of the Box by Cadence



Indian architecture firm Cadence have completed a residence in Bangalore, India, which features cast-concrete external walls decorated with perforations.


Called Out of the Box, the project is situated in a residential area of Bangalore and is designed to block views of the neighbouring buildings from within.


The plan is a variation on a traditional courtyard house layout; instead of placing the courtyard in the centre of the building the architects have split the house into quarters and placed the courtyard in the northwest corner.


The courtyard is elevated above street level on the first floor and features two perforated walls, traditionally known as jali walls, that allow light and cooling air to pass through from the outside.


Photographs are by Clare Arnie.


Here is some more text from Cadence:




The 1200sqft corner site presented us with the classic urban scenario. The site was abutted by houses on two sides and flanked by low income housing on the other two sides.


The question thus posed to us was, “What would be the relationship of the dwelling to the outside?”


The stand taken by us was to incorporate the ‘outside’ inside while the building shuns the surroundings.


A classic diagram of this would be the traditional courtyard house.


Taking this classic diagram we moved the court to the corner to create new spatial and formal effects.


By moving the court to the fourth quadrant of the square we could magnify the boundaries of each program flanking the court.


i.e. the living room, the dining and the bedrooms would not only feel much bigger but also would have sectional relationship with the open to sky court.


The court is further articulated by placing a sculptural element that would serve as an informal dining area as well as a tub for housing a tree.


The jali wall cast in-situ completes the fourth corner to accentuate the experience of the court.


Client: Phangun Rao
Site: 1200sqft
Built up area: 2300sqft
Location: Bangalore, India
Architects: Cadence
Principal Architects: Narendra Pirgal, Smaran Mallesh, Vikram Rajashekar
Structural Engineer: Manjunath & co






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  • Horrible Haridas

    Nice house… love the courtyard!

    But such a sad finish on the outside, can clearly see how the courtyard was sealed in later. Funny even the photographer hasn’t helped that much and the shabby wall plaster detail shows through in every picture.

  • Rajeev

    Nothing much from out side..
    But inside it looks Gooood

  • Azeem

    Love the Interior effect!!! Awesome.
    I would repaint the exterior again or would have left it pure concrete !!

  • Though these box like structures usually leave me gasping for air, I find that the perforations allow me to breathe easier, almost enjoying this design.

  • Kong

    Great ! The outside is the best about the project you ignorants, straight box, Yeah!!

  • mcmlxix

    You have to give it the the Indians for designing a shrine space (puja) into the home as essential as a kitchen or bathroom.

  • tanya telford – T

    when i read this & looked at the pictures i immediately thought about privacy, plus from the outside, to me, I can’t help but think the holes in the wall looks like a heart (picture one & 5 & 6 (ish)),

  • graham

    I like it. Yes the finish could be better but the effect and usability of the space compensate the poor finish. Also very cool to see an Indian residence, nice change from the Japanese boxes

  • does this building have only one corner?

  • J

    This idea is a really great way to provide outdoor sanctuary and preserve privacy in a busy urban environment. I agree with Royal though, i would like to see the stucture itself be more lyrical.

  • Jürgen

    Very nice effects inside the house. Interesting details, feels like wonderland somehow … Outside … hmm puristic, minimalistic …

  • Good looking from outside but why the courtyard so mini??? :)

  • sid

    simple..functional…contextual..i love the idea of how the courtyard is redefined using “jalis”
    simply beautiful space :) kudos

  • Nice House. Peter zumthor like Jali (mesh) effect at the corner. Yes, exterior paint job could have been better.

    Although interesting!! – aesthetically cool looking bench/sculpture in courtyard takes a lot of space and makes it almost not usable. For that bench you need a bigger court !!

    Rest cool.. Presentation drawings are also nice :-) Effort appreciated!

  • S

    whr can I get in touch with the architects? their website is under construction..any email? or tel no?

  • cadence



  • RVCE

    Looks terrible – the outside needs another layer of plastering to hide the cheap materials. the inside looks totally disjointed – that courtyard sculpture is too large and vague. The architects have tried to copy too many styles, rather than design with structured thinking.

  • Vanita Ranka

    Hey Kumbu

    too good, same as my dream house. Just wait till I can make avinash spend a little more.

    Its brilliant.


  • Megandran Naicker

    well done to the architects !!!
    nx time u guys want to offer negative comments….why don’t u attached pics of projects u completed…

  • Rohit Rawal

    Hey … I found this quite neat !!!

    Thats quite some creativity … to get the courtyard designed …

    I am not sure how many of you tried to notice the house in the context of the surrounding buildings and the environment…

    The house seems to stand out among the surroundings …

    Can i please have the architect’s contact details?


  • Naveen Mahantesh

    Project is very neatly finished. To rationalize an artistic expression (the jali) into a grid and construct that, is not a simple thing, and that, has made the difference in the project. Ideas like patterns which remain academic has been realized efficiently, kudos to the contractor and the site engineer for having executed it neatly. I guess this is just the beginning!

  • Medha Salarpuria

    I love the way the basic idea of using the void space( the courtyard) has been carried forward so innovatively and effectively!

  • o'''' amazing

    my heart gets warmer__ when i see this house <3

  • kisa

    i love the design … whoever didn't like it is just jealous … well done designers keep it up

  • sony

    dear,its seems to be good but only thing we could not see inner part of the house,if pls can you put the pictures.

  • Aditya

    The idea of creating a court along the edge has been very well justified. It creates a transition between the built and open spaces. It has been decently construed with respect to the site and breaks away from the typical symmetrical courtyards.

    Would love to have seen it in exposed concrete. Not a great fan of such a large surface being plastered. But kudos!