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London Design Festival 09: In the first of a series of Dezeen movies for 100% Design, creative director Jamie Anley of JAM introduces a new feature called 100% Inspiration.

Each member of this year's panel was asked to select an object or idea that represents 100% Design for them. Over the next few weeks we'll be showing movies of twelve of the panel members presenting their chosen objects, starting tomorrow with Russell Pinch, Nicolas Roope, Richard Shed and Kara O'Reilly.

The other featured panel members are William Smith, Nina Tolstrup, Phil Nutley, Dominic McCausland, Andy Martin, Andrew Waugh and Amos Marchant. Look out for their movies on Dezeen in the coming weeks.

Watch all our movies about the 100% Inspiration feature.

Here's some information from 100% Design:


100% Design is one of the few international trade fairs that has had a panel since its inception in 1995.  The panel have played an integral part in shaping the quality and vision of 100% Design throughout the years and remain a key force in the level of exhibitor quality and visitor experience.  As part of celebrating 15 years of 100% design we are dedicating a feature at the show to the 100% Design panel.

This will be a totem to their unique voices and diverse design experiences.  Each panel member has selected an ‘idea’ or an ‘object’ that captures the spirit of 100% Design for them.  The panel member profile and selected pieces will be displayed at 100% Design along with short films where some of them are seen presenting their idea.


Don’t miss the 100% Inspiration feature at 100% Design London, 24-27 September at Earls Court, London.

Register Free before 18 September via www.100percentdesign.co.uk

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  • T Sandwich

    I love inspiration too!! Awesome topic – dezeen needs to have more posts about inspiration!!

    I’m sure Jamie Anley has run across this quote in his research, but for anyone who hasn’t …. consider …. “Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without really inspiring stuff” Eric Owen Moss

    Going to register right away!! 100%!!!!

  • Eliana

    ok, but do you have to be so dam beautiful?

  • cam

    i know, he’s hot.