Timeless Objects by Boym Partners



New York designers Constantin and Laurene Leon Boym have coated a selection of discarded objects to make them look and feel like bronze sculptures.


The collection is made by hand in the pair's studio and will be launched at ExperimentaDesign in Lisbon this September.

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Here's some more information from the designers:


TIMELESS OBJECTS by Constantin and Laurene Leon Boym

Amidst a flurry of new trends, yearly promoted by mass media, there exists an often-voiced desire for timeless everlasting values, for design described as permanent and archetypal.

Our new collection Timeless Objects attempts to make the pieces as timeless as ancient bronze monuments.

Inside each piece there is “a found object”: either a disposable item or an anonymous thing culled from the mundane texture of our everyday life. Once we apply our special treatment, the familiar shapes start to look and feel like bronze sculpture. Trivial objects suddenly look permanent and essential. Are these pieces brand-new, or have they been made long time ago? We imagine objects that defy time and obsolescence, things that withstand fluctuations of trends and style.

In line with the Boyms’ earlier projects, such as Recycle (1989), Searstyle (1992-94), or Salvation Ceramics (2000-02), we aspire to redeem conventional objects from oblivion and neglect, to give them new value and another life.

Making Timeless Objects has required a great deal of time and experimentation. The material is applied over the surfaces of the objects with our own proprietory technique. All pieces are made by hand at our studio, in a limited edition. Each object literally carries the fingerprints of its maker.

Timeless Objects will be presented to the public at ExperimentaDesign in Lisbon in September 2009 and at Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in October 2009. On November 3rd 2009, a personal exhibition TIMELESS will open at Wright in Chicago, where we will present unique works created to accompany the edition pieces.

Selected objects from the collection are distributed by Wabnitz Editions.

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  • Xit

    Representing timeless with the ephemeral ?

  • Ah, Postmodernism again.

  • JeffK

    I like the look of the texture, but there is a certain irony that they are supposedly trying to make ‘timeless’ objects. The whole concept of using common household objects and giving them a hand crafted twist is so completely in trend right now. In years to come these will clearly have a 2000’s Dutch design look to them. “Limited edition”, “the fingerprints of its maker”, these all epitomise what is trendy in design.
    The funny thing for me is that the actual objects underneath are themselves far more ‘timeless’ the the end result!
    I like the objects, the justification i’m not so sure about.

  • toodles

    by adding this surface it does nothing to increase the timelessness. in fact it adds a characteristic that only increases the likelyhood of you getting sick of the object.
    Just don’t get it. this is pretty weak

  • kingmu

    commercialized R. Mutt

  • tiffany

    To me it looks like they found some really nice objects, which stood the time, and then destroyed them with this -look mom I made art- covering.