Skybox House by Primus Arkitekter



Danish firm Primus Arkitekter have completed a small, oak-clad house in Zealand, Denmark.


Double-height areas with glazed skylights, referred to by the architects as 'skyboxes', provide light and ventilation while large, sliding doors open the living areas to the garden.


The oak cladding of the 72 square metre, two bedroom house has been treated to make it darken.


Here's some text from the architects:



The project is situated by the coast of the north of Zealand, Denmark.


With 2 bedrooms it offers a total of 75 m2 of living space.


The plot is a partitioning of a larger plot belonging to an old thatched house and is partly enclosed by trees.


The two buildings, inhabited by two generations, share the garden, and in the layout of the site plan attention has been given to providing both separate and common spaces.


The main focus has been to add spatiality to the relatively small program.


The plan sets the bedrooms apart from the large living space and introduces an open hallway.


Diagonal views stretch out through the whole building.


In working with the section ceiling height is minimized and “sky-boxes” are added to provide space and air.


The large glazed openings give a view to the sky as a 5th façade.


Large sliding doors lets the in-and outside melt together.


The balloon frame construction sits on the exposed concrete base. 30 x 30 mm oak lists wrap the building.


The lists are treated with iron sulfate which darkens and enhances the structure of the wood . Floor boards are oak as well. Insulation is mineral wool, roof 300 mm, walls 150 mm.


Heating is provided by a heat pump integrated in the wall, reducing heating costs and CO2 emission.


The “sky-boxes” ventilate the space through natural chimney effect. A cast iron stove is for additional heating.


The project is both designed and build by primus architects.


Completed May 2009.

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  • bueso

    nice work (=

  • this house is stunning! thanks dezeen… such an amazing site to read.

    all the best,
    david john

  • gijsmans

    Great. (Only) the Danish have always been capable of making modern architecture a nice place to live. The project needs a terrace though.

  • the glass areas on the roof are great. this makes the rooms fill up with natural light – like it very much.

  • The Year of The Monkey

    Very skillfully done. Congratulations!

  • Roofing is great. External paneling is interesting too. Not to sure about the kitchen, feels like an Ikea flat pack tacked onto another room.

  • m


    Alvar Aalto was a Fin though ;-)

  • G

    Nice building, I like it but somehow the sophistication of the exterior doesn’t quite translate to the interior. I agree with the comment about the kitchen above. Still, love to live there, flat pack style kitchen or not…..

  • amsam

    one of the most gorgeous designs I’ve ever seen on this site. and will only get more beautiful with age.

  • Joe

    So happy to see that the lofty ideals of the house were not compromised while making it completely functional. Great lines of sight, and it looks pretty open for being so small. I think this is a great design with a lot of potential. Little tweaks could make all sort of fun variations of this. Love it.