Ewe stools by Yu-Hun Kim



New Designers 09: Kingston University graduate Yu-Hun Kim presented a range of laminated-felt stools at New Designers in London earlier this month.


Layers of industrial, wool felt are laminated either side of the plywood core.


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Here's a bit of text from  Yu-Hun Kim:


‘EWE’ is a charaterised stool, inspired by the contrasting textural feature of soft and hard felt. It is playful, warm, cozy and natural.


Industrial felt, made form soft wool fiber, can be cut to precise sizes and thicknesses.


By cutting the laminated felt to a clean edge the stool has the appearance of solid object, however it still retains the felts softness like fur.


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  • Zabel

    Pure geometry + undiluted concept & excellent execution = me likey!

    Laminated felt sounds comfy, though days in the saddle may result in a bull-legged stance and temporary numbness in the perineum.

    In any case, in my minds eye I see the picture of them on their ‘heads’ and imagine their legs flailing wildly to right themselves. Endearing.

    Congrats to Yu-Hun Kim, well done!

  • Well done! Pure and simple – suggestive of a tiny sheep..

  • i saw this at new designers, and thought it was very nice indeed!

  • l dawg

    ewe is exactly right

  • I love these!

  • vico

    nice !

  • designgurunyc


  • Comfortable?

  • ambroise

    scale ?

  • Thank you for all interests in EWE stools.

    slalomp: the stools are quite comfortable. Industrial felt is highly pressed but still soft enough to seat on. it depends on the density and thickness of felt, so I used low density to make middle layers and laminated medium density felt for top layer. not really soft, and not too much hard.^^

    ambroise: they are 270x400x400. big enough for children, looks a bit small for adult. the height is a little bit higher than a nomal low chair.

  • GraniteGirl

    Nicely done! Your collection of products are whimsical and wonderful – well presented too.