Architecture Stories competition winner



Here are the winning photographs from our Architecture Stories competition with iPhone application 29GPS, taken by Heather Skeehan in the USA.


Skeehan won an iPod touch for her winning photos of the Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay by Santiago Calatrava in the competition judged by Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs.


More information about the competition and 29GPS in our previous post.


Here's some text about the images from Skeehan:


The Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay | Santiago Calatrava | Redding CA | Built 2004
Photograph by Heather Skeehan

The drama of the Sundial Bridge at night surrounded by the sound of bats and standing on top of the glowing walkway. A detail of the mast and the nearly disappearing tension support system.


Calatrava’s Sundial bridge in Redding CA is perhaps best experienced at night. The glowing deck, the resident bats, the drama of the mast against a completely black sky.


Calatrava’s palette of white painted steel and glass is picked out with careful lighting, instead of the broader flood lights of his bridge in Amarillo, forcing you to look at the pieces of the bridge and how Calatrava has carefully articulated the connection points.


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  • One

    great looking fotographs indeed. I love it, and some how reminds me of those old photogaphs…

  • Wonderful! Congratulations Heather! The grainy, somewhat fuzzy texture to the photos lend a beautiful aesthetic.

  • I can’t help thinking that if Wile E. Coyote was soaring through the air, and intersected with those suspension wires, he’d sail out the other end whole, only to fall in pieces moments later.

    Nice photos.