Attitude Chair by Deger Cengiz



New York designer Deger Cengiz  has created a chair with an extra support that swings out when the chair is tipped back.


"Attitude Chair is developed for teens with attitude; prevents falling when the chair is tipped back," says Cengiz. "The flip-support mechanism works with gravitational reflex principles."


The product is made of wood and MDF in a limited edition of 13 for Voos Furniture.


See Cengiz' Selfish&Devoted plant pot and watering can in our previous story.

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  • Amy B

    I can’t believe all the comments.

    Although I must say when I first saw this I was wracking my brain to try and think of where I’d seen it before – and then hey presto The Simpsons! This must have taken all of 5 minutes to come up with… apart from the extra legs being attached to each other it is practically identical to the one in the cartoon!

    I’d feel slightly more forgiving if it was part of a ‘stuff invented by cartoonists’ collection and not trying to pass itself off as a serious piece of furniture designed for teenagers.

  • sluijters

    crap…I’ve seen it before as well…I was in the CAAC in Seville last week where they have a beautiful exhibition on the flamenco-dance. It included a photo of Salvador Dali on a chair very very similair to the one above -naturally, next to him was a gorgeous girl in flamenco stance- but his chair looked homemade instead of the slick ‘n smooth design seen above. I liked Dali’s version much better. Go and see the exhibition if you’re in the neighbourhood…

  • I actually saaw this chair back in the first run of Godzilla. The black and white one.
    Just after he comes out of the sea he rocks up on the beach and takes a litte sit down break on a chair very similar to this. I remember my mom saying – “that chair’s going to break”, but then these little legs pop out the back and hold him up. Then he rampages through the city.
    I think Homer might have ripped off this episode.

  • Designer of the chair

    Dear commentor(s):

    I’m the designer of the “Attitude chair”, or the most recent designer of this type of chair. I’d like to acknowledge the previous work on similar designs. I found a few classical and contemporary versions with some problems that I observed and wanted to improve. However, I don’t watch TV often, and I was not aware of the version shown on a Simpsons episode 11 years ago. I admire the creator of the cartoon for thinking this idea. Off course, if I had watched the related episode, there is no way I would have gone out of my way to spend plenty of time and a little money to build this prototype. My purpose was to investigate my idea and see the public’s reaction. I’ve got the results and there will be no other edition made. If anyone needs further information, please feel free to contact me via my website.

  • Unlucky my friend…you should definately watch The Simpsons though, one of the best things on TV still after all these years.

  • No man, check out the Godzilla episode – the chair is way better in that one… even though it’s just in black and white.

  • tebo

    Yep, it’s a simpsons design, maybe someone can do something like an apple made from food cubes or forks armables