Felt Up by Charlotte Kingsnorth



Graduate designer Charlotte Kingsnorth has designed a chair made from a single sheet of folded felt.


Called Felt Up, the chair is made of 16mm thick industrial felt on a steel frame.


Kingsnorth also designed the At One chair in our previous story. Both were exhibited at New Designers in London last month.

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Posted on Sunday August 16th 2009 at 9:11 am by Ali Morris. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Love the shape of it but do have to wonder how it would hold up over time.

  • plankton

    Super nice, I love it….I haven’t seen something so fresh for such a long time. Well done

  • Jean

    looks sooo comfy!!! wish it can be produced mass market through a deal with Target or something, this will totally make me happy as my all-in-one chair, sleep-read-music-snack chair.. sigh…

  • Donn

    The exposed piece of horizontal base bothers me and why the base couldn’t be a trapezoid in shape instead of a rectangle to follow the contours of the felt.

  • derek

    The seat has a nice feel yet the rest of it is extremely unrefined. More time needs to be spent working on a more sensitive and cohesive base: at present it looks like an afterthought rather than being part of the total concept.

  • Eduardo Alvares

    Nice and Simple!
    The way things should be…
    I don’t know about the durability

  • rj

    it looks like comfortable but otherwise feeling like worn surface when touched that.

  • Beautiful Design

  • I already want to make this chair by myself

  • seems very comfortable in that chair breaks, I want to try too