PACT underwear by Yves Behar



San Francisco designer Yves Behar of fuseproject has designed a range of sustainable underwear for online clothing retailer PACT.


The range is made of organic cotton, is shipped in compostable bags (below) and is made according to strict environmental and social standards.


Ten percent of profits will be given to social and environmental organisations, with the print pattern on the underwear reflecting the organisation that will receive the money.


Here's some info from Behar:


Yves Behar Flips Underwear Category On Its Head With Launch of PACT

PACT elevates buying underwear to a social movement through design, sustainability and philanthropy


SAN FRANCISCO, August 17, 2009 – PACT, an online underwear brand that blends design and sustainability with support for powerful social and environmental causes, launched today with three premium organic cotton underwear collections for men and women. PACT believes that everyday essentials can communicate personal values.


Buying PACT underwear is more than a transaction; it’s commerce as a social movement embodying the motto: Change Starts With Your Underwear. From how it’s made, shipped and shopped, the PACT brand is conceived in partnership with Yves Behar and his San Francisco-based studio, fuseproject, the industrial design and brand strategy firm behind iconic products like the Jawbone headset, Herman Miller LEAF Lamp and One Laptop per Child XO laptop.


“We looked at underwear through the lens of 360º design,” said Jeff Denby, PACT Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder. “Having fuseproject as an equity partner in PACT illuminates the fundamental importance of design to the PACT brand. Our collaboration is key to generating what we believe are the most innovative ideas at the intersection of business, design and sustainability.”


At the core of PACT are deep partnerships with nonprofit organizations that work to create social and environmental change. Each underwear collection is aligned with a nonprofit. Internationally recognized artists and designers create graphic visualizations of each organization’s mission with underwear as their canvas. PACT then gives 10 percent of each sale to support these organizations. Inaugural nonprofit partners are 826 National, ForestEthics and Oceana, with Yves Behar behind the first collections’ expressive, playful prints.


“In building PACT, we re-thought everything about the way underwear is made and marketed,” said Behar. “We’re not doing anything artificial or superficial, not with the body, not with the packaging and not with our partnerships. Our vision is to unite fashion and design with doing good in an authentic way, building a company that truly embodies 21st century needs, showing a new way for businesses to operate in the future.”


PACT underwear is manufactured in Turkey with all processes - from growing the cotton to producing the finished product - occurring within a 100-mile radius. Every part of the supply chain is certified to or exceeds the highest possible environmental and social standards. Underwear is shipped to customers in bright green compostable shipping bags, with each pair packaged in a reusable cloth bag made from scraps. No big cardboard boxes. No filler.


By visiting PACT’s website, consumers can shop by cause, fit or print, easily choosing what matters most to them. With each new collection, PACT will continue to connect consumers and the world’s most creative artists with the global community of organizations and people who are effecting meaningful social and environmental change.

“More than ever, consumers want to see their values reflected in the products they buy, from hybrid cars to fair-trade coffee, and PACT is applying this mindset to everyday essentials,” said Jason Kibbey, PACT CEO and Co-Founder. “Underwear is a necessity. So why not wear the most stylish, best-fitting and sustainable pair possible and give back to organizations dedicated to positive change?”

Product is exclusively available at

About PACT:

PACT is an online apparel company launched in 2009 by Jason Kibbey and Jeff Denby offering design-driven, sustainably manufactured, premium underwear connected to powerful social and environmental causes. PACT creates partnerships with nonprofits and donates 10 percent of each underwear purchase to support these organizations’ work. PACT underwear is made of responsibly grown and manufactured organic cotton, transported in zero-waste packaging and delivered with a minimized carbon footprint, demonstrating the company’s ongoing commitment to style, sustainability and social consciousness. For more information, email PACT at

About Yves Behar / fuseproject

Founded in 1999 by Yves Behar, fuseproject develops cohesive brand and product experiences. With a focus on establishing new markets and disrupting old ones, fuseproject’s work takes a long-term strategic approach to developing and enhancing its clients’ business, with teams spanning brand and market strategy, identity and naming, packaging design, product development and communications design. fuseproject has offices in both San Francisco and New York.

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  • gab xiao


  • LOVE! That is all.

  • charles

    good job dezeen for posting these images.
    Beautiful asses, i mean, designs.

  • I always find it amusing that the only time a design is shown in context, is when it relates to underwear…

  • md

    With these hitting the scene, I can’t wait to see Fuseproject in the next coming Bay Area Dodgeball Tournament… ;)

    Go Blue!

  • jack the ripper

    mmhh , perhaps fashionably sustainable , but not very sexy underwear ,( give me lace and silk anytime ), however , what a nice butt ..

    nature does best !


  • zeemmee

    COOL I like the curves of the lady!!

  • antepostnow

    calvin did it and became anything but klein – good luck to this social movement of spend more altruism based on generic patterns. clac and no chapeau!


    i will sleep well tonight!

  • dress by starck i put my sustanable clothes on my ghost chair and now my underwear by behart on the floor..

  • Xit

    Real eco warriors go commando

    The packaging is fresh and punchy should catch the intended eyes

  • bodkin

    i think this is the only time I will be able to say ‘what a load of pants!’ on this site and not offend anyone ;-)

    i support any sustainability cause that promotes buns like those….

  • tanya telford – T

    this seems like a really well thought out new product line, i hope they attract some really good illustrators and artists. Could be good with some graffiti artists work as well. I’m wondering how things would be if this line then became as popular as Calvin Klein, I think that could be quite amazing.

  • Lovely. Who said designs are not sexy? Touche.

  • This is certainly an eye opener! I like it may get my GF some :)

  • Joe

    Oh, the real design with everything included. I would buy some! Dear lord

  • Rodrigo Da Silva

    sexy yet sustainable
    go Yves !

  • John

    I think men, underneath it all, want much more sexy undies than what you show…I certainly have some ideas on that. :)

  • reheman

    love the massing!!!!!composition of volumes is very satiafying

  • bananaman

    FAP FAP… sexy ass

  • Esther

    Okay, this really needs a woman's point of view…
    Lace is itchy. These look comfortable. That is not only sustainable and just to workers, but also more gender equal.
    As for the ass, you can buy that elsewhere. I suggest a copy of Adobe Photoshop is your best chance at acquiring that ass without being charged as a pedophile.

  • Vicky

    Nice! I have been trying to find sustainable brands top to bottom. For outerwear there are some obvious choices like Patagonia, but for inner wear, I have been finding new brands trying to find a balance. It’s not easy to be socially sustainable, affordable and stylish, but these brands are really trying and seemed to have found the right balance.