Maritiem Museum exhibition by Tjep.



Dutch designers Tjep. have completed an exhibition installation for the Maritiem Museum in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


The exhibition includes 50 objects representing Dutch naval history.


Display cases, information boards and seating throughout the installation are supported by 600 white poles.


More about Tjep. on Dezeen:

VilaSofa store
Furniture Neighborhood
Heineken The City
Restuarant Praq
ROC Apeldoorn reception area
Waater bottle
ROC Apeldoorn classroom
ROC Apeldoorn interior


Here's some more information from the designers:


Tjep. was commissioned to design an exhibition for the Maritiem Museum in Rotterdam, covering the Dutch naval history over the centuries.


A selection of 50 objects, each representing one historical highlight, were displayed on specially designed furniture, standing on a total of 600 poles.


We chose poles as a visual binding element and as a metaphor for the constant dutch struggle to create stability on, and protection against, the omnipresent element in the Netherlands: water.


Size: 300m2
Opening: July 2009
End exhibition: 2013

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  • jc

    this is a bit too busy for me, and i am not sure about the choice to use so much red

  • Wow! Tjep is consistently doing amazing design work… always clever… always with a sense of humor. I love you Tjep. Can I work for you?

  • I feel like these photos are being misleading with the amount of activity that seems to be going on. They do feel busy, but I am having a hard time gauging with the way the photos are being exposed.

  • Lovely!
    The reference to: water, harbour, navigation… is very subtle.


    Francois Beydoun

  • gab xiao

    it’s a splendid mise-en-scene. the miriapod-like white legs of display cases is a very subtle yet Dutch-witty reference to paddles popping out of a huge boat’s keel.

    Altogether they make an abstract red fleet carrying the exhibit’s artifacts…

  • Nice coloring of both flooring and exhibit. It has a good feel to it, ambiance. It suits Rotterdam.

  • Well done you guys and girls!