SongMax store by Elevation Workshop



New York and Beijing designers Elevation Workshop have completed the interior of a clothing store in Beijing, China.


Called SongMax, the interior contains raised platforms arranged in an L-shape with dark grey walkways cutting between them.


The designers wanted this division of space to simultaneously evoke a walk-in cupboard, catwalk and stage.


Two red rails span three walls of the shop.


Photographs courtesy of Elevation Workshop and JR & Others.


Here's some more information from Elevation Workshop:


This project is a show room and prototype store for a new women’s clothing brand. It is located within the brand’s design studio and clothing factory, situated close to the entryway and formerly used as a fabrication studio.


The design goal was to respond to the client’s desire to serve the stylish, confident and still feminine career women.


Within the pre-existing conditions, including limited ceiling height and openings, the show room is to focus on the transformation and transition of space through subtle and responsive material changes.


The “L-Container” functions dually as a spacial volume and a separation element.


The floor inside was lifted to represent a stage. The “L-Container” introduces a contoured alleyway to recall the sensation of a private walk-in-closet at home, which is the real stage for actual people.


A convertible dressing room at the end of its turn is to place real women at the center of the deepened “display window” which projects directly towards the entryway and traverses through the whole store.


Gray tiles pave the catwalks penetrating the “L-container,” weaving between the public and private space. This composition of the store’s circulation creates the visual and physical connections between all areas essential in a retail establishment.


The two-way hanger system creates a vivid red belt, continually lacing through lighted wall niches around the room. CNC technology was used to pre-fabricate materials such as the flooring and resin panels, while thousands of beads were arrayed by hand to create a crystal curtain with the store logo patterned within.


Elevation Workshop (ELEV) is an interdisciplinary Architecture and Design Firm. Positioned at the crossroads of art and architecture, the interests range from urban/rural planning and architectural design to interior, furniture and product design. Na Wei and Christopher Mahoney, the founding partners come from different backgrounds and foundations to create an interactive environment with a broad perspective.


ELEV (Elevation Workshop) New Project:
Women’s Clothing Store Design
Location: DongFeng Art District, Beijing, China
Floor area: 78 sq meters
Chief designer: Na Wei

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  • Valeria

    This isn’t the most gorgeous thing ever, but you can’t beat asian’s creativity

  • Super Bloody Fantasic Work for shop design

  • willem

    good 3d thinking! still a bit naked for a clothing shop. please show more pictures with clothes for sale and walking cats …

  • all very logical except that I do not see any clothing…

  • The construction has just been completed. Since the clothing brand has not yet officially opened to the market, no images with clothing can be published at this time. We would like to show the fully stocked store photos in the near future. Thank you for your interest. – ELEV

  • How I wish Chairman Mao were still around to see this!

  • sis

    very good!

  • niwar

    that is perfect

  • Noviana


  • Bianca

    I like the concept and the labyrinth look in the interior, it would definitely make a memorable shopping experience. The design would bring me in as a customer!

  • Leo


  • soulchen

    The whole idea of the design is creative , but I think the “walk in closet “experience might not as pleasant as it looks when it is taken into practice , on the one hand the intersection of the gray passway and the walking stage might cause “traffic accidents”,on the other hand the limited space could also discount the deepening feeling.

  • Cool idea of this design! I like visual illusion.

  • Troy

    What a creative way to eliminate the boxiness of the change room. Really fantastic (out of the box) thinking here. Congratulations!

  • Natalie

    I love architecture that can speak for itself without fluff. Brilliant!