150ml by Studioroom906



Designers Studioroom906 have created a set of five porcelain containers that have different shapes but can all contain 150ml.


Each pot was cast from a different type of wood and comes in a box made of that timber.


The imprint of the wood used is visible in each container's surface.


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Childhood Memories


Here's some text from Studioroom906:


150ml is a set of five porcelain cylindrical vessels originally cast by five different types of wood; every vessel comes with its own box made out of the same wood used for the original casting.


Each designed to hold a capacity of 150 ml despite their visible variation in scale.


To investigates how the true volume of objects can be disguised by labels or different shapes and sizes, thus affecting the real value of the object that holds the same volume as another with different handles.







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  • modular

    the last picture is wicked!

    overall score is: why not?

  • Yeah, I like the last picture too. But really, the whole point of this kind of escapes me.

  • I agree with modular, why not. If space is available it’s a conversation piece and definitely something fun and fresh. However I would hate to have to drink out of the flat squatty one. Keeping fluid in it one would have to have very steady hands. It looks more like a saucepan than a cup.

  • Funny and interesting idea, it can be derived to different materials like: glass, metal, etc. and keep the obligation to contain the same volume 150ml.

    PS: the quickest way could be the 3D modeling!

    Francois Beydoun

  • MrCoolTeapot

    a new category: concept pots?

    concept is slighty cool but the execution is ugly.

  • i realy like the rough form and structure of these porcelain containers. they bring a bit more liveness and natural based harmony into the agglomeration of (modern) unemotional shapes. good way to start an offensive;)

  • zoe

    strange beauty! in the way i like it so much.

    new perspective.

    well done.

  • w

    interesting project, yes why not. instead of putting drinks, those vessels can have another function.. like the flat one for coins or key and the long one could be a flower pot. w

  • Marta

    I love it.

  • like the flat one for creme brulee
    they are excellent

  • plus, you can buy several identical ones for different purposes

  • B

    i like the overall image… different size for different purposes.
    size and shape follow function.

    well done studioroom906.