Xemei Stool by Mediodesign



Barcelona designer Juan Pablo Quintero of Mediodesign has created a bar stool for Xemei, a restaurant in Barcelona, Spain.


The frame consists of four L-shaped profiles, each facing a different direction.


The stool is made of varnished birch-plywood legs with a high density fibreboard seat in green or black.


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Here's some more information from Mediodesign:


Xemei Stool by Juan Pablo Quintero

This stool was designed for the new cocktail bar of the Venetian Restaurant Xemei based in Barcelona. From an initial idea of a comfortable seat, we proposed a hybrid object, in which the seat is as a sculpted piece that reveals the topography of the layers of wood that shaped it.


The structure of the stool, as a game of setbacks "gets" this piece. The back, wide and curved, wrap the seat and provides a formal balance of classical proportions.


The result is a blunt and expressive object, inviting to plunge into a long conversation at the bar, or simply to enjoy the informal atmosphere of this Venice proposed for the xemei (twins) brothers Colombo. The stools Xemei characterize the new spaces of the bar and certainly will not be unnoticed.

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  • Aesthetically I feel that the ‘hybrid’ juxta of sculptural elements / rigid profiles leaves the piece a little too jarring; a bit unresolved. Functionally it looks quite comfy.

  • K

    The last time i was plunged into a long conversation at the bar, i was not sitting back in my stool. I pushed myself forward in my seat so that i could get closer to the other person and actually hear what they had to say. Xemei looks like it would be…well…awkwardly uncomfortable if you tried this.
    Otherwise it is graphically interesting.

  • Intriguing Stool, but before, I need to try it to tell more…
    I like the shape of the seat!

    Francois Beydoun

  • omar

    i get the idea of 4 identical pieces at differnt angles but the resulting structure is just to hideous for words… it makes no semantic sense, and its offeres no strcutral benefit.
    despite the fancy wording, the seat and backrest are – as far as i can tell – milled MDF which is not mass producible, negating the benefit of 4 identical legs.

    this is a poor post dezeen. this looks a bit high-school for me.

  • Matt

    I can’t help but think that front leg is going to get in the way. Looks interesting but would get very frustrating very quickly as you are forced to move your foot around that piece.