BAC chair by Jasper Morrison
for Cappellini



British designer Jasper Morrison has designed BAC, a wooden chair for Italian brand Cappellini.


Launched in Milan last April, the ash and plywood chair follows the BAC table Morrison designed for the brand in 2005.


Morrison has also added a round version of the BAC table (below).


Here's some info from Cappellini:


BAC Chair

Twenty years after designing the Thinking Man’s Chair, Jasper Morrison, has still managed to astound the world of high design with Bac, the new chair in solid ash wood and plywood.


The frame is available in bleached, wenge tinted, or cherry red aniline tinted ash wood.


The seat is available in diverse variations and has the same finish as the frame with upholstery in leather or white, brown, grey or black linoleum with an ash wood back.


The chair combines perfectly with the Bac table series but can easily compliment many other items from the Cappellini Collection as well.


BAC Table

The Bac table series is enriched with new items and new finishes.


In addition to the two current rectangular versions, the series today introduces a round version.


All elements of the collection are now available with table tops in clear glass, white, brown, grey and black linoleum or in natural or wenge tinted ash wood.

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  • beautiful chair. the red one is best :)

  • Joost G

    The chair looks very close to Wegner’s wishbone chair. Morrison’s design is simpler, but not as refined as the Danish original.

  • famul

    He keeps redesigning the designs ! Come on, surprise us a bit, Jasper !

  • modular

    Gotta love it. Yet, it is more of the same. Yes, it is supernormal like everything from Morrison.

    But let me know…. what if an unknown designer approached Mr. Cappellini with this project. Would this be chosen for production, or are we just talking about a powerful name in the industry (Jasper’s)?

  • “we weren’t born just today. there have been masters before us” said philippe starck….

  • def

    what if an unknown artist would take a human skull and cover it with diamonds?
    Would it be as appriciated as Damien Hirst’s creation?

    the designer’s philosophy does count when producing a new piece .

  • @ modular : the differential design of Morrison…. is (super)normal…

  • Loot

    Definitely a tribute to Hans Wegner. Of course the concept is brilliant to begin with.

  • Malcom Cornfed

    You have seen Super Normal,

    Now we have Super Boring.

  • spielberg

    Wegner still rocks…

  • mandelbrotset

    Loot said:
    ‘Of course the concept is brilliant to begin with.’

    what the concept of sitting? hardly brilliant. this is a good chair as are about 100,000 others. we have enough at this point. why not stop.

  • reed architonic for (super ?)normal trend

  • And still it is a nice structure, nice angles, quietly lovely.

  • I like it… very similar to wegners chair true enough… yes we have 100,000 other chairs… yes we are educating too many designers… yes we live in a consumer society… yes there are too many chairs… yes this is sold on jaspers name… but also his philosophy… just like karims blob based plastic stuctures… brand jasper sells this because it appeals (especially in recession)… if i had designed it, there would be less appeal as i dont grab any headlines… i am unknown therefore my market is smaller and thus i am not a financially sound investment… blogging needs to get less bitchy. Jasper is a man of great skill with detailing and subtlety, lets face it theres such a back catalogue of designs out there that respond to human form… there will always be similarities. If we are going to stop designing furniture then we need to stop governments educating surplus designers and rejigg education to get designers, scientists, researchers onto new goals working together…I just cant see that happening under any of the political parties in the UK so therefore… im going to go design some chairs in a vain attempt to feed myself!

  • patrick

    …dear cappellini company where have all your phantasies gone > before being a member of poltrona frau you were so unbeatable.

  • mil

    Desing is more like fashion every day, the same thing in diferent colors, textures, materials and prices. Each one desing the same but a little difrent, some times worst ……… where is de consistence of politicaly correct desing philosophy of mister Morrisson?

  • cplane

    whats desing?

  • designgurunyc

    ….nothing boring about beautiful functional design. Considering 12 in red for my kitchen and know they will look better (still) in 20 years than they do now. Its time now especially , to see that it is good design that should be lauded rather than the conceptual, humorous design of the last decade. It is far harder to design beautifully and simply and to make desirable objects in this way. The reason that students have been using ‘concept’ and shock in their designs for the last 10 years is that it is easier to do this ( and receive press attention) than design simply and well. Bravo Dezeen (for featuring more well designed pieces of late and for understanding the shift in design.)!

  • Christian

    A great chair!

    Yes it resembles Wegners Y-chair a lot, but I think many of you forget that what Wegner did was to take old chairs and strip them from all ornament and thus simplifying them. He did neither invent the deep dish. Jasper Morrison has just taken this a step further. It is what we call evolution.

  • doug montgomery

    "It is far harder to design beautifully and simply and to make desirable objects in this way. "

    Wrong. It is easier to create something with an almost zero or neutral aesthetic, that conveniently conforms to the limitations of the designers imagination, and then dress it up as 'understatement', or 'supernormal'.

    No wonder this sort of design only stands out when exhibited against corkscrews, eggboxes, milk bottles and other anonymous designs.

    Remarkable, only for being unremarkable.