Is This the Coolest Chair Ever Made?
by Charlie Davidson


Is this the coolest chair ever made by Charlie Davidson 1

London Design Festival 09: British designer Charlie Davidson has designed a metal chair and named it Is This the Coolest Chair Ever Made?

Is this the coolest chair ever made by Charlie Davidson

The chair is made of gas-welded powder-coated punched steel and based on an earlier prototype for plastic seating.

It will be launched at 100% Design in London this month.

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Here's some text from Davidson:



Is this the coolest chair ever made?

Charlie Davidson is to exhibit at 100%Design this year with a new design he considers to be his finest yet, entitled Is this the coolest chair ever made?

Made from 2mm punched steel sheet, gas welded and powder coated the design is based on an prototype for a plastic outdoor chair made earlier in the year. This limited edition piece takes over a week to fabricate and finish. The designer says, "it takes many hours to get all the holes to line up on the hidden joins" and adds "this chair looks so simple in its form but beneath its almost invisible skin lies months of prototyping that makes a perfectly balanced form. This will become a design classic of the future”.

Davidson is a British designer who after living in London for over 15 years decided to move to the Dalsland forests of South West Sweden in 2007. He has produced furniture and lighting for over eight years which has been exhibited internationally and has won him several competitions and commissions.

Earlier this year he opened a gallery with his partner in a disused paper mill near to their home, aiming to introduce international contemporary designers and artists to the area. He is currently working on a public realm commission for Sunderland City Council designing a suit of sculptural street furniture which will run through the city and is due for completion in early 2010.

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  • no.

  • parsec

    toot your own horn some more, broseph.

  • w

    answer: No… this is! –

    seriously though, looks good. I look forward to seeing it at 100%.

  • Broken designer

    No it´s not.

  • out of bounds

    Definitely not…

  • juica

    no…i thik it´s not. keep trying

  • juica

    (think) sorry

  • Ed Rearden

    Ah – admirable modesty, a gift many designers only dream of obtaining!

  • Radley

    Actually, it might be. I cant think of another chair that would allow for more airflow than this. Say goodbye to sweaty drawers and hello to bad puns! Club Pizza?

  • münte

    nice and beautiful, but not even more :)

  • Pun guys, it has TONS of airflow, making it extremely cool. I think the Ice Chair is cooler though…

  • LOW

    Yet another chair to waffle my butt when I wear a skirt.

  • gab xiao

    very beautiful chair. how high the moon – by shiro kuramata. that’s the coolest chair ever made. this one is close…

  • slater

    “This will become a design classic of the future”…hardly Charlie. don’t be so erogant.

  • I wonder how that sharp edge at the front of the seat feels on the back of one’s legs.

  • Jean D Arc

    a little more humble title would make it easier to give compliments for a really good design, which is not the most coolest chair ever made…

  • Gollumpus

    Well, add a fan underneath and it could be in the running for “coolest”…


  • Jen

    This is the cheapest way to generate superficial debate around your work. The chair is not bad, but the name just makes the whole work suffer.

  • amsam

    Poses an interesting question: I’m looking at the chair and thinking, maybe it is a cool chair, it could definitely be a cool chair– but I’m really so annoyed by the name and press release hokum that I have no objectivity on the question. He’s doing his design a big disservice with his text.

  • Easy

    well, i’m afraid it’s not the coolest title ever… Nice chair. For sure!

  • first sight looked like a very cute handbag :)

  • Xit

    The name just invites gratuitous negativity

  • zetre

    i think it’s pretty cool for a chair.

  • The Toothfairys Lovechild

    no, not the coolest ever. good for keeping rabbits in though!

  • modular

    well man… not really. Probably not even the coolest chair of the month either.

  • Mr M

    Not the coolest chair ever, sorry.

    I do love the name of the chair though….funny!

  • As Laura already mentioned above, the edges of this chair are so acute, (but also dangerous in case we receive them in one way or an another…). Despite the mild and generous side that it looks like, this chair is somehow aggressive! Anyway, can do better for a title: Is This the Coolest Chair Ever Made? My answer is NO! With all my respect to Charlie Davidson’s design.

    Francois Beydoun

  • Cr

    Marketing rule number one : as soon as you say your product ( design / brand / company ) is something ( sexy / cool / awesome ) .. you are not ( anymore ) !

  • Lazar

    I am sure that I won’t sit naked on this chair, but I’ll consider it like cage for birds :). However I must say I like it

  • nolok

    it is not the matter or reason or sense if a product, object,service is cool or stylish or sexy.. to blog’ about design, or designing. it is stupid.
    start seaving the environment.

  • tman

    Got to be kidding right? Hopethe name was a silly joke. If not, get a pair of glasses.

  • bodkin

    it seems charlie davidson has stolen the crown from oscar diaz to become king of the ridiculous statements

  • neuhaus

    give if a couple weeks and we will see another smug designer create a felt/rubber/resin/animal pelt(whatever banal or controversial material that’s in fashion) shroud for this chair here on Dezeen. … oh, and topped off with the obligatory design cliche of antlers or taxidermy.

    it’s not a bad chair, but for the amount of labor involved I don’t think it’s a great chair.

  • Well done Charlie. Don’t mind those playahatas. Your chair may be the coolest chair ever made. It looks extremely sharp (a little too sharp if you ask me). Otherwise, good job.

  • its def. Charlys coolest chair so far

  • jak

    noooo, when u look closer u find some weird kinks in the surface. its a good concept though. but it still needs to be refined. and it takes way too long to fabricate… which serious manufacturer will produce one chair in one week. thats too much….

  • j

    sorry Charlie!

  • Sorry Charlie – no.

    … and it’s not that hard to make something like this – it’s sheet metal work – patterns, bending and a bit of welding.

    Bodkin – nope – I’m afraid you still happily own the ridiculous statement crown. ‘King of fools’ goes to you sucker.

  • Arnauld

    egotistically yes….but no…its just cool and ….windy perhaps

  • roger

    for a cool chair made from this material see Kuramata’s ‘How High the Moon’

  • steve

    “This will become a design classic of the future.”

    Sorry, but kidding yourself. Go back to design school and produce something that will earn the praise.

  • cpcp

    you should have called it the MOIRE chair or something!
    I’m sure it looks cool when you walk around it due to the moire effect all those perforations will have.

    it is cool.
    i like it.

  • Will

    Charlie, love the Malcolm Mclaren-esque pitch; it worked v well LOL

  • susulembu

    honey, it is not cool. but kudos for the flash name and trying really hard. the waffle- butt chair is more appropriate to echo LOW’s sentiment. lol!

  • Rupert Enberg

    No……but its definitely cold………..

  • ED

    Tis is not the coolest chair, this is a redisign of theShiro Kuramata Steel Chair…

  • JuiceMajor

    yes i think so :)