Capsule Collection by Ziglam and Brook
for Deadgood


London Design Festival 09: Designers Ziglam and Brook have designed an upholstered seating collection, using offcuts from textile manufacturer Bute, for British design brand Deadgood.

The Capsule Collection consists of a single or two-person sofa and a kick stool.

Dan Ziglam and Elliot Brook of Deadgood selected fabrics of various colourful tones and textures to cover different sized buttons and set them against a neutral base fabric.

The collection takes its name from the capsule form adopted by the designers, inspired by 1960's space age visions of the future.

Capsule collection by Deadgood 5

The collection will be part of Deadgood's brand re-launch at 100% Design during London Design Festival 2009.

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Here's some text from Deadgood:


Deadgood are set to build on their burgeoning reputation as one of the brands to watch out for in 2009/10 by harnessing the collective creativity of a number of talented emerging designers for their official UK re-launch at 100% design. Designers Ziglam & Brook, Max Lamb, David J Irwin and Jon Burgerman have all stepped up to the Deadgood roster to help create a distinct collection of furniture and lighting, united by an unmistakably British sense of fun and eccentricity. This ambitious young company has also collaborated with an all star line up of British manufacturers which features amongst others, established industry leaders Formica and the esteemed fabric producers Bute.

The ‘Capsule Collection’ has been exclusively designed for Deadgood by Ziglam & Brook, with support from the leading British textile manufacturer Bute.

This fully upholstered collection of seating, presented as a single or two person sofa with matching kick stool, utilises off cuts from the Bute fabric ranges handpicked to create a graduated run of colour tones and textures. These vibrant and colourful tweeds are then used to cover an arrangement of irregular sized buttons arranged over a complimentary neutral tone.

The forms themselves are derived from a simple three dimensional capsule shape which has been developed to create a comfortable and engaging seating range with tongue in cheek references to the solar system and 60’s space age adventure. The products are manufactured in the UK and combine locally sourced waste fabrics with a technically efficient CNC production process, offering great green credentials.

Over recent years Bute has transformed into an award winning industry leader. Their fresh new image, new collections and heightened profile, coupled with collaborations with some of the most talented designers around, have ensured their well respected position in the design community and placed them at the forefront of the future of fabric.

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  • rik

    Looks a bit too seventies for me.

  • modular

    I left my M&Ms on the couch. Anyone seen them?

  • Mattia Nuzzo

    Yup. It’s just a reupholstered Up.

  • Rik, I think you meant too sixties. The seventies furniture started to play with much more modular shapes. Regardless of what era it emulates and minus the M&M’s I like the couch. The shape is simple and i like the use of different size buttons to create depth and a story; some different combo’s on the couch would be nice. I like the low profile arms and the way they wrap all the way around to the front. It makes it look easier to snuggle up into a corner or squeeze that extra body on. I would like to see how the couch actually sits on the floor since it’s blacked out in the pictures.

  • If it were not-white, I think it would be better. White furniture is not a happy thing. White furniture is worry and maintenance and life is just too short. But I do like the idea of this, lots.

  • Oana

    Hello there,

    As feed-back only, your feeds don’t have the pictures anymore and that’s kind of inconvinient for me as I don’t have time to load every post and see if it has something that interests me….

    Can you put it back? :-)


  • This promo screams out “the legs were an after thought”, clearly there detailing on the leg wasnt the strong point… thats why i would shoot in the
    dark anyway.