Where have our feed images gone?!


Hello feed subscribers, sorry there are no images in our feeds at the moment - we're working on getting them back. We just installed the latest version of WordPress and it is playing havoc with our settings, templates and plugins, so if things are acting a bit funny, that's why. We're on the case..!

Posted on Friday September 11th 2009 at 1:54 pm by . Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • We forgive ;)

  • I can handle it !

  • Luis Dias

    Look, I have a request. I pretty much loved the way that your feeds were working lately, namely, giving the whole of the project images right into the feeds. This way I don’t have to click on the feeds to load the pages. I don’t like to spend my time like that! And if the projects are “too long” or I don’t like them, I just press a key in my keyboard (“j” in the google reader), and bam!, I’m in the next feed.

    That’s more like it!

    Of course, you wouldn’t get any publicity revenue from me. So I guess you wouldn’t like it.

  • Victor

    I believe it will be nice if there will be two feed links which we could choose to have images or not.

  • Thank god, i thought this was how it would be in the future. I think it should also go back to a snippet view instead of the whole article.

  • wilson

    So, how’s the testing going? Is the trafic any better without the full rss articles?
    My guess is that even if it might look a little better now it will look really bad in six months. Lucky for us, swissmiss exists.

  • Hi again, okay we give up… does anyone have any idea how we can get the images back in our feeds?! We REALLY want to get them back, but it seems to be a compatibility issue with WordPress 2.8.4 and Feedburner. Any help would be much appreciated…