Cascade and Contour by Bodo Sperlein


London Design Festival 09: London designer Bodo Sperlein is showing a new collection of furniture and lighting at Tent London and SuperSquat, Brunswick House this week.

The collection is composed of a chandelier, a chair and a table.

Called Cascade, the chandelier is constructed from chrome-plated steel tubes and is inspired by water fountains.

The table and chair, called the Contour collection, are both made of hardwood, and are available in a range of colours.

Sperlein designed them by experimenting with twisting a single sheet of paper.

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Bodo Sperlein introduces his dynamic new furniture and lighting collection at Tent London, as part of the London Design Festival.

Come and visit us in Content, stand E17, from Thursday 24 – Sunday 27 September, 2009. Visit the Tent London website for more information on opening times and visiting.

Cascade is a new chandelier by Bodo Sperlein, produced entirely from chrome plated steel tubes. This visually arresting and playful form was inspired by the folly of water fountains. Like water, the highly polished surface reflects light and image. Cascade creates a dramatic focal point, by building up a series of simple forms rhythmically, with reference to 1920’s constructivism.

Sperlein has sought to use idiosyncratic materials for his chandelier designs, beginning with his use of porcelain for Lladró, and continuing here. He is fascinated by the strength and malleability of steel, and references England’s historic expertise in this area. Using the latest in LED light techniques this light sculpture will shine in warm tones which normally are not associated with the traditional cold light style LEDs.

The Contour table and chair are part of a capsule furniture collection which continues his signature style of sensual and curvaceous forms – this time however working on a larger scale.

The chair exudes a simple elegance, and has been designed to look like a single sculpted sheet. A ribbon-like profile draws the eye effortlessly around a series of loops terminating in slender legs that conceal their true strength. The lines of a traditional table have been elongated, and embellished with curves. Concaved sections play on negative space, and give the table a ‘lightness’ that contrasts with the weight and solidity of the hardwood from which it is made.

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  • What a beautiful calligraphy of furniture design, BRAVO!

    Francois Beydoun

  • There is something rather creepy about this furniture, I just cant put my finger on it.

  • John

    Wonderful furniture! Classic!

  • slater

    Why is that ugly lamp the cover shot for this story? I almost didn’t bother checking this out and I am sure pleased that I did! Absolutely beautiful table and chair! I’d love to see some production shots for the chair, that is one of the most innovative bent pieces I’ve seen.

  • Yowie! That is some yummy furniture of curvaceous bomshellosity.

  • fran

    Poor trees… the developed world is using natural resources from the underdeveloped people… Hard wood trees should stay in primary forests, not in someone’s livingroom.

    i would like to see a comment saying that every piece of hardwood used to produce this furniture came from controlled reserves. We need to control this activities, because every single square meter of forest that have been cut, will not return to us.

    sorry about gramar mistakes, but english is not my maternal language.

  • the back of the chair doesnt look that comfortable,
    it is awfully straight considering the curves running along this piece.

  • I think a chair is meant to sit on- comfertably for some time, a table to be stable, hold things without shaking and spilling.
    I agee with Daniel, the chair looks far from being comfortable, the table if accidently touched will probably shake for a while.
    The real models may have taken care of these problems. Visually they are very attractive.

  • A

    seriousely the chair is genius,loved it.(even though its back doesn’t look comfortable…yet the holistic look stunned me) , it’s like it being made from just one piece.

  • noface

    have to say having sat it in myself its pretty comfy for a hard chair!