Watches by Denis Guidone for NAVA Design


Watch designer and Dezeen regular Denis Guidone has put his range of watches into production with Italian product brand NAVA Design.

The four watches in the collection are called Ora, Ora Lattea, Ora Unica, and Tempo Libero. Each has a black strap and displays the time in a different way.

Ora, above, has a round face with a slanted edge (see our previous story).

Ora Lattea, above, has two dots in place of hour and minute hands, which appear to float around a central dot.

Ora Unica (above and see our previous story) is a watch where the hands are formed by the ends of a squiggly line.

With Tempo Libero, above, the minute hand is positioned to one side so that the display is never centred.

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Above: Tempo Libero. Below: Ora Unica.

Below: Ora Lattea.

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  • desy

    great idea …. fantastic design

  • watch lover

    This is very nice! I would like to buy all

  • So interesting!

  • K

    where is the competition to win one???

    these are sweet!

  • rude

    the renders are for free….

  • abeer

    THATS REALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED TO BUY… Wer can i get thesesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Eric

    finally! i’ve been wanting a few of these for quite some time.

  • maria

    I am in London.. Where can I find Nava watches shop in London.. Or in the web???

  • liz

    minimalistic, simultaneously sophisticated, i like !

  • Marcus-Jon Aitman

    These are the most beautifully simple and elegant watches I have seen in a long time- sophisticated!