Labware by Benjamin Hubert for Authentics


London Design Festival 09: London designer Benjamin Hubert's collection of blown glass lamps for design brand Authentics won the Best New Product award at 100% Design last week.

The collection, called Labware, is composed of three forms inspired by traditional laboratory beakers.

The lamps consist of blown white glass, plugged with stoppers made from hand-turned, bark-topped Portuguese cork.

Hubert originally designed the lamps as a set of floor lights in 2008, then selected three of the forms to develop with Authentics. See our previous story here.

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Labware, a collaboration with British lighting and product
manufacturers Authentics.

Working under the philosophy ‘original designs for life’ Authentics have been manufacturing and distributing contemporary products designed by some of the leading international designers for over 25 years.

These include original pieces such as the Lockheed lounger by Marc Newson.

Labware lights were originally mouth blown and hand formed into a limited edition range of floor lights in 2008.

Working closely with Authentics, three of the most iconic forms of the original prototypes have been developed for global distribution.

The range focuses on the process of glass blowing and is inspired by archetypal glass detailing in combination with a playful look at scale.

The lamps comprise of mouth blown opal white glass in a high gloss finish, complimented by hand turned bark topped cork stoppers from Portuguese cork factories.

Labware Specification

Conic (pendant or floor version)  Ø 240mm
Sphere (pendant or floor version)  Ø 280mm
Cylinder (pendant or floor version)  Ø 250mm

Mouth blown opal white and clear glass with Portuguese bark topped cork and braided blue cable.

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  • YuYu

    is someone at Dezeen mates with this guy – he’s on here an awful lot?

  • modular

    YuYu…. welcome to the overhype world.

  • hes clearly sponsored by dezeen.

    Nice work, its a great new product!

  • Jam

    Yeah, its all very cosy, I think this guy has had enough press for one design festival. Surely there are other british designers who are equally as talented as this guy who could do with some limelight. Spoke to him at the show and sadly I think it’s all gone to his head.

  • W

    For me one of the highlights. I want.

  • BennyB

    This feels very tacky.

    The last several posts outlining Hubert’s work certainly highlight the need for design students to be taught how to think and develop a real process of working that includes questioning what they are doing and why.

    Hubert’s collection, being neither new or ‘better’, feels pointless and created from a pool of gathered references rather than any real thinking or experimentation – while the contrived text and accompanying images try desperately to make up for this.

    It makes me ponder the question, is this really ‘design’?

  • designgurunyc

    My least favourite body of work by Hubert of recent months, but his year has been astounding producing beautiful clever pieces that all are immediately identifiable as his. A relevant designer of the future!

  • amy pasco

    congrats to hubert-
    i think his work has merit.
    dezeen nepotism or not

  • The first image made me smile.