Permanent Vacation store by 1:2:3
and Kristoffer Sundin


Stockholm designers 1:2:3 and Kristoffer Sundin have completed a pop-up store in Gothenburg for Swedish fashion brand Permanent Vacation.

Clothes are displayed on constantly-rotating hanging racks, which are kept in motion by wooden fans using the garments as sails.

Racks made of rope and wood line the walls and display photos alongside more pieces from the Permanent Vacation collection.

At night the windows are illuminated by artificial lighting.

Watch a movie about the project here.

Here's some more information from the designers:


The design concept is based upon the incidence of light from the roof windows and the ceiling height.

A hanger is placed under each roof window displaying Permanent Vacations Autumn/Winter collection.

A wooden fan is pointed towards each hanger, making it rotate by using the garment as sails.

Along the walls of the store different hangers displays photos and selected pieces from the collection.

During the day the only lighting in the space comes from daylight shining in through the windows. To retain that feeling during night time artificial light sources are placed on the rooftop outside the windows shining in.

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  • I want to like this more than I do. It looks like it would feel kind of depressing in there.

  • Jani

    Love it!

  • Clare

    The design of a store should complement the merchandise and not simply be a gimic. As an architect and a self confessed fashion fiend I dont really think the look and feel of this space does justice to the clothes. The space looks grubby and old fashioned and that reflects on the items within it.

  • 6 5 4

    Looks like a haunted house, especially with the clothes rotating under the pockets of lights. I like the courage and the honesty in the attempt, but I have to agree with Clare that the interior design does not complement the merchandise, and ultimately the image of the brand.

  • Jamie

    Very bad proportions on the wooden hangers and structures. The fans just look gimmicky and stupid in a not so interesting way. Even the clothes looks depressingly boring. Nice building though.