Delicatessen FugasLusas by
EXTRASTUDIO Arquitectura


FugasLusas is a delicatessen with a decorative perforated ceiling, designed by Portuguese practice EXTRASTUDIO Arquitectura.

The fretwork is made of laser-cut plywood with the same pattern as the tiles cladding the shop's counter.

Deep shelves in the white walls display produce and the space is furnished with hardwood chairs and marble tables.

Here's some text from the architects:



EXTRASTUDIO has completed FUGAS LUSAS, a Delicatessen/ Café in Setúbal, Portugal.

Set on the historical district in Setúbal, the project insists on customization in order to create unique spacial or material qualities.

Taking advantage of low-tech traditional materials used side-by-side with technological processes EXTRASTUDIO has been addressing the creation of a specific material universe as a key element in each project.

Commissioned by a young Economics professor to develop a concept for a Portuguese delicacies shop that would also work as a café, the project represents an effort to revitalize the historical district of Setúbal, creating a new meeting point in the city.

The construction works started with the opening of a large window front, exposing the café to the square, as a preview for the future terrace. New shelves were carved on the thick exterior walls to display a wide range of products.

Combining two complementary functions required the creation of a unique space, one that should be as extraordinary as the products the client was proposing to sell and as cozy as a neighborhood café.

The bar, clad with typical Portuguese ceramic tiles, divides the working areas from the public space.

In the ceiling, laser cut plywood panels; duplicate the pattern used on the counter tiled walls.

The furniture is composed by a set of used hardwood chairs from the old assembly room of Setúbal’s Fish Industry Union, together with tables with marble tops from Alentejo.

Place: Largo Francisco Soveral 5, Setúbal, Portugal
Type: shop/delicatessen Area: 35 m2

Date: January 2007
Client: Rogério Silveira

Project team: João Ferrão, João Costa Ribeiro, Madalena Atouguia and Sónia Oliveira

Contractor: Sérgio Cachão unipessoal lda Photographs: João Morgado

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  • Joan Beck

    Beautiful ceiling!

  • Cedric Caruel

    The ceiling is amazing!
    Beautiful work, congratulations!

  • vOlt

    I love their exibition in ISCTE!!
    Nice Work.

  • James Wells

    I remember extrastudio work at Habitar Portugal exhibition in Cascais.

    Than seeing their work here…awesome!
    Nice ceramic tile work…clean, vernacular and cool!

    best wishes!

  • sara

    too clean.

    This design needs a spicy touch…is just too white, to simple.

    try again!

  • G.


  • LTavares

    Why is this project published in Dezeen?
    Good portuguese architecture is only done in Porto.

  • LTavares

    This only looks decoration, don’t see any architecture here.

  • abe

    LTavares, is that a joke?

  • Lydia

    LTavares, you must live in another world…what’s done in Porto stays in Porto! And thank god for that!

    You should see a bit of what’s done outside of Portugal and realise that you’re tiny…

    This project looks really cool and I only wish there were more like these!!

  • AnaD

    Congratulations Rogerio your cafe is beautiful!

  • Kate

    “Portuguese delicacies shop that would also work as a café, the project represents an effort to revitalize the historical district of Setúbal”

    Do they really think such a tiny little shop will revitalize anything? C’mon… How naive!

  • Andreia Miranda

    Excelent project focusing important features of portuguese identity. They r quite talented and we’re sure great things r coming their way

  • J.Dias

    The exhibition at ISCTE was really interesting. Its great to have portuguese architects also thinking and doing experiences with materials, the lecture was great. Good job, i really love the ceiling!

  • Fryderyk

    Clean, contemporary, is very beautiful and amazing…very interesting job!
    Na zdrowie!

  • C’mon Kate – is there a size restriciton for good design?…this brilliant space will affect more people that you could possibly imagine…

  • I love it!

  • Kehilat Hadar

    C’mon i just couldn´t believe´t, u must be joking… right??
    ‘features of Portuguese identity’
    ‘brilliant space will affect more people that you could possibly imagine…’
    why people could even think this is architecture?
    A funny ceiling!!
    So tell me, who was the decorator?? because that´s what this is. Decoration.
    Architecture it’s a little bit more than that… every space has their potential, but the primary reason for it’s existence it’s to do something on people, make them move, fell!
    Support all the ‘project’ only in a ceiling, and tiles… that only… looks… something, well doesn’t seems that’s going to do, change or even revitalize anything…
    Could XXI Architecture be resume to ‘pretty something’, I really don’t want to believe it…
    What are u trying to prove?

  • John

    They proof that architecture is much more than office towers, fancy houses or iconic museums and it is defined by spaces people live in. I think there are still a lot of people here talking about XXI architecture but still thinking as XIX.

  • JP

    extrastudio usualy rules but sometimes sucks!
    not this time…maybe some of the comments are right or just incomplete!

  • It is interesting to see how portuguese projects that are featured in international architecture blogs, always tend to have a set of comments made by portuguese people that always base their opinions in local disputes and rivalry. I don’t know why you only get to see that with portuguese projects. Maybe it is because we’re so small (not only geographically) that we feel that we need to impose our thoughts on everything, even if they don’t contribute positively to the discussion.

  • helena jalles

    I just love it. Wath a great ceiling! I loved the project ! I wish i could go imediatly there to have a great coffe! Congratulation to all the team, particulary to Madalena Atouguia!

  • This is for the people theat put down this project:

    In English I should say: I really would like to talk to this people who thinks they’re the best, the top of the tops in knowledge about everything. At least my Friend is trying to do something diferent, nobody has the guts to do it in a city where nothing happens. Do something better that writting in a blog. Get a life!

    O Charroque diria: Apá vai masé chuparr um pêxe arranha e tás a levarr com duas espinhas plos ólhes nã tarrda. Faztó marr…

    O Rui diria: O Rogério tenta fazer uma coisa diferente daquilo que temos na nossa cidade. Mas para dizer a verdade os Setubalenses são sufucientemente ingratos naquilo que têm. Preferm ir para lisboa para o último grito da moda. Vão, vão, que eu fico aqui com o Fugas só para mim.