Bertus by Alain Monnens


Belgian designer Alain Monnens has designed a leather armchair for Belgian company Durlet.

The seating, called Bertus, has a metal framework that has been formed from a single piece, which acts as the support for the stitched upholstered leather seat and backrest.

The upholstered elements are tilted back by the framework, making the armchair slightly reclining.

Bertus comes in three colour variations: black on black, black on white, and white on white.

Here's some more information about the designer:


One extremely successful realisation of Alain Monnens is his most recent design, the sturdy BERTUS armchair for Durlet.

The designer took great care in getting the lines of this chair exactly right, both in profile or viewed from the front and back.

What is striking is the supple lines of the metal support structure which encompasses the armchair in a single movement, from the front leg, over the armchair, to the backrest and the rear leg, and then back to the second front leg.

This structure is – as is always the case with Monnens’ designs – a functional element which also describes the graphic structure and illustrates the way in which the object “works”.

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  • In appearance it seems to be simple, elegant and comfortable. I think this design is successful!

    Francois Beydoun

  • wow … absolutely beautiful!

  • james

    its ugly. yuk.

  • I would like to see the rear floor condition – how is it stable? The design overall is quite nice.

  • JeffK

    The back is so nice I wouldn’t want to put it against a wall

  • Isa

    what is it with designers who feel compelled to put a brand tag (in this case, bright orange) on their product?!
    If it is a good piece, people will go out of their way to find out the name of the designer. Isn’t that more rewarding? hmm…

  • Cr

    I think he focused too much on the concept and totally forgot to think about the stiching and filling of the really boring cushions !

  • reminds me of Rietveld Upholster Chair
    – I agree lose the tag!

  • The orange tag is obnoxious but otherwise the chair has a unique design to it. I’m wondering how stable the chair is, I’d be kind of afraid to lean back in it!

  • Capstick

    Reminds me a very rationalist design era, but I think that the rear area it is really nice. I like this.

  • Nonoagogo

    The forms are very reminiscent of the now infamous “liberator” sex pillow.