Y Parametric table by Krystian Kwieciński


Polish Design Season: Warsaw designer Krystian Kwiecinski has created a dining table where consumers manipulate the dimensions of the finished product via his website.

Called Y Parametric table, the product is made of plywood painted white.

Components are water jet-cut from a single sheet of plywood according to the consumer's specifications and slotted together.

Watch a  movie showing the table's assembly here. Photographs are by Patrycja Soltan.

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Here's some text from Kwiecinski:


Y parametric table was designed to be easily customized and rapidly fabricated. Through the m3dify web page, customers can modify the dimensions, geometry and materials of the table to fit their specific requirements and preferences. All of the components are cut from a single sheet using the water jet technology. This minimizes waste, energy and production time resulting in an efficient and streamlined process. Using parametric modeling and automated fabrication, designs can rapidly move from concept to delivery more smoothly and seamlessly than ever before.

Moreover you are welcome to visit our web page where you can customize Y table by modify the geometry and exploring changes from different perspectives.

Soon it will be possible to order your customized Y table.


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  • dude

    strong ideia.

  • Cecekal

    Beautiful!!!! I want one of it!!!

  • Smart move! Bravo!

  • Cr

    Is it just me .. or is Polish Design basicly nothing more than a repetition of what has already been done over the last ten years ? I am not trying to act cocky or anything but Polish Design has not really surprised me yet.

  • merlin

    What is parametric about it?

  • aeolus

    Ah yes…insert tab A into slot B. Nice!

  • ZED

    How does one keep the pieces from falling out when one moves the table? I would hope it’s a tight fit…table wobble anyone?