Doublefacette by Postfossil


Florian Hauswirth of Swiss studio Postfossil has designed a set of salt and pepper mills that fit together.

Called Doublefacette, the objects are made of ceramic and cherry wood.

More about Postfossil on Dezeen:

Doubleface tableware

The project is an extension to Hauswirth's Doubleface tableware collection - see our previous story.

Here's some information from Postfossil:



Salt and pepper have to be on the table; together. The salt and pepper mills Doublefacette complement one another both in a functional and in a formal way.

Inspired by an outline, the forms, as the contents, are complementary. The inverted forms and the interplay of the materials lend attention to an object of utility an extraordinary haptic experience. Design reflects the use. According to the parsimonious way of using salt, the diameter of the salt mill is small. The pepper mill instead spins you twice.

Once spices were rare and precious goods, in particular salt, reserved only for rich people. Doublefacette accommodates history and tradition; proudly carrying its contents. Doublefacette is a figurative object of utility, it awaits either on the shelf or already on the table for serving us several times a day.

Material: ceramic and cherry wood
Design: Florian Hauswirth, Postfossil

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  • 1/ Bi material is trendy in Milan this year….since Bouroullec chair for Magis?
    2/ POSTFOSSIL is a swiss platform of youngs designers… as Atelier A1 in Bruxelles and okay studio in London..
    Even Starck Academy “students” did a collective exhibition in 100% London…
    Is it the end of ego design? Starck said yes in a recent interview

  • fitorio

    But i think bi material already exist along time ago Prof. Z,
    for example a chair made from wood and leather, even barcelona chair made from metal and leather.

  • contourregard

    who cares what starck said. the man is a walking ego

  • it’s mix ceramic+ wood here or steel +wood there…. You have a common material wood with an other …Its more complex to manufacture (Roset has some problem to manufacture a chair metal on a wood by emerging french designer Philippe Nigro). It’s good concept for differentiation ….

  • L

    The time of ego design it has been passing to the past few years now…. design is more a collective discipline rather than egocentric and individualistic in a sense, and i think this is a good way forward into the design arena….especially when people comprising a design team, are coming from different backgrounds.

    And i will agree with fitorio about the bi material….it has been done over and over again and not in the sense of coping but who hasn’t been taught at their product design course, that the combination of different materials gives a more professional, well thought design object!!!!

  • Great pieces Florian! I love the whole family.
    For those who think this is just playing with different materials, they are wrong. Is about how you put them together in the right way and shape, that is not easy at all, and you did it.

  • Why are they not showing the holes where the salt and pepper supposed to come out from?

  • is it white-glazed ceramic ?

  • With the same mix materials clear wood + white ceramic , I like also very much these side tables by Hanna-Ehlers ( in Milan with Patrick Lissoni and in Paris Patrick Norguet)

  • its porcelain, probably glazed (we do some tests)
    they are mills, so the top part can be removed to fill the pepper and the salt in.
    the adjustment of the mills is from underneath
    (a special system)

  • yo

    just what our world needed!