Kaide-taide by Company


Finnish designers Company have created railings for a stairway where the bars at each landing are distorted in a different way.

Called Kaide-taide (Art-handling), the project was commissioned for an eight-storey residential building in Helsinki, Finland.

The steel rods are bent to create places to sit and different view points as residents ascend.

Each railing is painted in a different tone, graduating from grey on the ground floor to white at the top.

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Here's some more information from the designers:



Company was comissioned to create art work for a residential building in Toukoranta, a new housing area in Helsinki, Finland.

Kaide-taide (Art-Handling) bends the railings of the 8 storey high building into new shapes.

These shapes provide places to sit and lean and opens up new views from the stairwell.

Railings are painted in a different tone of grey in each floor creating a gradient from 1st floor dark grey to white in 8th floor.

Material: 16 mm steel rod. Frame 33 mm steel tube.

Design: COMPANY (Aamu Song & Johan Olin)
Client: YIT Corporation

Railings/handles manufactured by: EK-kaide.

Architect: O.P. Jokela Architects

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  • Rembo

    God, what I would do to sit on some of those bars.

  • MC

    Nice one. A simple idea that lets people know care has been taken in design. Injects a little soul into a typically soulless space.

  • margaretha

    Brilliant! What a nice creative solution to something that is usually very boring…

  • Juampi Z

    Cool! and nice bench jaja!

  • Tyler

    Those do not look comfortable to sit on.

  • Cecekal

    Love it!!!!!

  • modular

    Our very own personal jail.

  • Mario

    Well done!

  • lilli

    wonderful idea!

  • John
  • Good job, it’s fun, we design the same thing three years ago for a competition, but we did’t win..so no built.
    I’m happy that Company has been able to implement this idea. It’s full of possibilities to develop. Inside and out side.
    So Good design!!

  • norm

    reminds me the famous railing at the AA (on the way from back members’ up to the terrace)

  • Fantastic!
    Nothing like talking something boring like a railing and turning it into a talking point.

  • ss_sk

    The sitting shape is old news but still nice and practical. They could use more color though.

  • cos

    lovely work

  • Remerber the work of french designer Philippe Million from Lyon selected by Paola Antonelli in a Moma exhibition

  • Remember the work of swiss designer Emanuelle Jacques ex Ecal now in Irvine Studio in Milan exhibitionhttp://www.inoutdesigners.ch/pages/projects/config_01/tree_stool.html

  • The idea of using the rails for sitting is cool, but the rest is done just so many times…. ;)
    Nice inspiration!

  • Dave

    Wow, seen something similar on the Dutch Design Week this year, “hokjesdenken” (thinking inside the box) from Tess van Hooff.


  • fer

    simply wonderful

  • I Can Has Cheeseburger

    Small pleasure…I like this. Now it is not just a railing!

  • Sabir

    Great Idea! Seems to be both pleasing and functional.