Contrast Collection by UBICA-ID.


Barcelona designers UBICA-ID. have created a collection of furniture with contrasting coloured and wooden surfaces.

Called Contrast Collection, the furniture is made of meranti wood with a striped appearance.

The series includes extending coffee tables, side tables and an armchair with a bookshelf incorporated in the back.

Here's some text from UBICA-ID.:


Contrast Collection is the latest offering from design studio.

It is a furniture collection that consists of seven auxiliary pieces that are made of lacquered Meranti wood.

The collection has been created from pure volumes and geometric forms, looking for a formal line between them and a clear visual simplicity, without sacrificing details and solutions that has made them into practical and special furniture.

In the furniture, we a common feature that is the contrast between the warm texture and linear Meranti wood and smooth surfaces of varnished areas, which provide different color finishes.

Most of the pieces incorporate wheels under the structure, that allows us to move it in a practical and simple way.

Pieces of the collection:

Tamsi: Bench

  • Anto-Lina: Extendable coffee table. Two pieces. Wheels incorporated.
  • Aura: Coffee table with magazine rack and sliding top surface.
  • Buko: Side table with magazine rack. Wheels incorporated.
  • Aline: Side table with magazine rack. Wheels incorporated
  • Copita: Armchair with magazine rack in back. Leather cushion. Wheels incorporated.
  • Cu: Bedside table with drawer.

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  • Jmb

    I am not a fan tbh, i think the only worty thing on here is the side table with the drawer. The chair…. thats another story and the black coffee table just doesn’t seem to fit in this range at all…

  • modular

    wow.. this is so dated.

  • giang

    I love this….. I think if there was higher contrast on the materials– like a shiny finish/ or like a plastic(hard)material juxtaposed to a tweed scratchy fabric this collection would look better. Marriage of rough and smooth, neon and desaturated grey!

  • Marvelous work!

  • tim

    Agreed. Not dated enough for a vintage look though.. if this is what it’s all about.

  • Miss l

    Contrast is an interesting subject to work on, it’s nice to see this interpretation.
    I feel it approaches it on a few levels i.e. colour, material, inside/outside. That said, I wouldn’t have it in my living room…
    But nice concept for sure.

  • I love those side tables. They are great, colourful and look like the perfect size to display coffee table books, tea/coffee or a laptop.

  • Mike

    As designers we should be guided not completely by our aesthetics but also buy our ethics.
    If we all stopped designing with rain-forest timbers and embraced timbers from sustainably managed forests then the senseless destruction old growth rain-forests would become less of a problem.
    Meranti looks good veneered expensive table but even better as a tree full of animals.

    Think about the consequences designers and architects.

  • Rose

    In my pov the long inclined black table is so tacky, and looks huge.
    I prefer the first piece in white, than twingo green. The bedside table it’s cute.
    after all, nice work

  • laďka

    very nice, i really like this, we are actually doing somenthing like this in school, and, just thanx