Metamorphose by Alexa Lixfeld

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Hamburg designer Alexa Lixfeld has created a series of vessels made of solid coloured porcelain.

Called Metamorphose, the collection is glazed on the inside and remains matte on exterior surfaces.

Photographs are by Maria Grossmann and Monika Schürle.

More about Alexa Lixfeld on Dezeen:


Here's some more text from Lixfeld, written by Prof. Axel Kufus:


Alexa Lixfeld

Metamorphose – porcelain vessel. Handmade vessels made of solid coloured porcelain, outside matte, inside glazed. Composition of nine different shapes, available in eight colours. Showcase the process-based development of contemporary design - the interplay of computer aided design/CAD and traditional craftsmanship. Metamorphose of formal aspects of industrial manufacturing and uniqueness which can only be achieved from traditional handmade crafts.

After A Ten-Year Career As A Model, Alexa Lixfeld Studied Design In Germany And At The Prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven, In The Netherlands. She Has Received Numerous Design And Innovation Awards For Her Work And Exhibits And Lectuers Internationally. Alexa Enjoys Working Across Disciplines And Cultures. She Applies Creative Processes To Social Projects And Is Determined To Think Outside Of The Box. For The 2009/2010 Handmade Collection She Has Been Exploring The Convergence Of Digital Technology And Traditional Handcraft Techniques, Immersing Herself Into The Phenomenal Universe Of Scents And Drawing With Primary School Children In Kurunegala, Sri Lanka.

"I Produce Culture," Says Alexa Lixfeld.`Cross-Culture`would Be Better. Whether It`s A Project In Which She Tries To Use Concrete As An Alternative For Ceramics In Household Products, A Perfume, Food-Design, An Eat-Art Performance In Which The Participants Ladle Soup From A Plate With A 1,4 Meter Diameter, Or A Socio-Economic Development Foundation She Set Up In Sri Lanka, To Help Children And Rual Women - She Often Seems To Go For A Challenge That Others Think Impossible. In Creacete™ She Combined Her Pioneering Experiments With Concrete In The Field Of Tableware With The Ultimate In Finishing, The Traditional Japanese Urushi Lacquering Technique From Wajima, While Leaving The Contrast Open And Visible. After A Ten-Year Career As A Model, Alexa Lixfeld Studied At Köln International School Of Design, University Of Applied Arts Pforzheim And Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands. She Works In Hamburg Since 2006, Running Her Own Studio. (Credits To: Max Borka )

Attracted By The Classical, And In Wondrous Ways Tension-Loaded Forms And Proportions Of Her Vessels And Objects, We Literally Discover The Tangible Qualities Of The Material Which Was Otherwise Trampled Under Our Feet: The Granulations, Stains And Spures Left From The Casting, The Drying And Crazes, The Burrs And Fractures Of The Mould Removal, The So-Called Flaws Of The Molding Process. And Concomitantly Her Handling Them, The Concretion And Ports. Briefly: The Cultivation Of Peculiarities Of The Material And Its Process Of Manufacture, Creates A New Value By Magnitudes, Which We Never Thought To Be Possible With This Mass. The Interaction With The Material Is Innovative, Exemplary And Yields In Sustainability.

Ricebowls – porcelain bowl. Handmade bowls made of solid coloured porcelain, outside matt, inside glazed. Available in three different sizes and eight colours.

Cups – porcelain vessel. Handmade vessels made of solid coloured porcelain, outside matt, inside glazed. Available in three different sizes and eight colours.

Kubus – porcelain vessel. Handmade vessels made of solid coloured porcelain, outside matt, inside glazed. Through the production process the vessels bend individually - so each piece is unique. Available in eight different sizes and eight colours. The sizes are calculated so the vessels fit next to each other either way -it becomes an architectural game.

Circle – decorative concrete bowl. Handmade decorative bowls made of solid coloured concrete. Amazingly smooth on top, matt on the sides. The decorative bowls hold a discrete but expressive impression. Available in three different sizes and four colours.

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    Wauw I’m trying to feel the connection between the text and the actual work but there is hardly any, it looks really poorly made and can ad list of 10 people who did very similar things.. It looks like a graduate project with a bio attached that doesn’t match at all. Don’t they learn you in school Not To Type with capital letters in ever word?

  • youhavebeenheresometime

    loving the styling of this photoshoot….

  • alex

    are the vessels from Ikea?

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    wow yeah pretty bad. what’s with all the capitals in the description. that is pretty impressive. i could imagine it would be hard to type that way. or is there a feature in Word that caps all starts of words? please let me know.


  • amsam

    Yes, whoever styled the photo shoot is a genius. The products themselves are shockingly banal.

  • madvillain

    the styling of the shoot right? not the image quality? these images look really crooked and their way too dark. half the time i don’t even know what i’m looking at, and i don’t see the point of shooting small product at 10 feet away.

    …you know i do remember reading an article about this lady and she used to be some sort of fashion model.

  • xtiaan

    wow I want that statue of mary its divine, on so many levels
    Im liking the old letter N and those chairs look funky too.
    hey wasnt there something about some vessels in this post….