Tre by Jonas Trampedach for Arco


Cologne 2010: Danish designer Jonas Trampedach launches a series of occasional tables made of wooden offcuts for Dutch furniture brand Arco in Cologne this week.

Called Tre, the series features features a choice of three hights, three top sizes and three materials.

Each of the three legs has an L-shaped section.

The pieces are on display this week at the Arco showroom. Follow all our stories about Cologne 2010 in our special category.

Here's some text from Arco:


table series TRE
Designed by Jonas Trampedach

Tre is a series of playful pieces of furniture that can be installed anywhere as handy occasional tables – either individually or as a group. The designer describes the tables as real domestic utensils – pieces of equipment for the home.

These descendants of the simple farmhouse stool stand out on account of Trampedach’s very sophisticated use of materials and meticulous detailing.

The design is based on the desire to ensure that wood is used as efficiently as possible. The small tables, which are supplied as a flat pack kit, are made entirely from left over pieces of wood in the factory and are therefore totally in keeping with Arco’s desire to make sustainability high priority.

As the name Tre suggests, the number three is central to the design. There are three top sizes (two round and one square), three table heights and three different materials. The tables are available in virtually any colour, which makes for countless possible combinations and turns a series of occasional tables into a compelling feature in an interior.

Jonas Trampedach is a young Danish designer who acquired a great deal of historical knowledge while working as an international antiques dealer. He went on to study design in Copenhagen and then did a masters' degree in Design Products under the supervision of Ron Arad at the Royal College of Art in London, graduating last year. The Tre tables were part of the portfolio of work he produced for his final exams. He recently set up a design studio in Copenhagen. Arco is his first official customer. Apart from designing furniture, Trampedach has also designed ceramics and lighting.

Top sizes: 45 and 55 cm round, 45 cm square
Table heights: 40, 45 and 55 cm
Materials: solid oak, lacquer or Corian

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  • Hershey

    I’m intrigued by the lack of comments,

    Does this mean this is boring ‘deja vu’ design and not worth discussing, or does it mean that its great design so discrete, that it flys under the radar of judgement and does its job well ?

  • ambroise

    This means no comment.

  • Neo

    not worth talking about?

  • God

    Come on guys…
    First, this is no bullshit design.
    No silver goaty trick, no “look into my eyes-the eyes-not around the eyes” rockstar designer crap…
    It’s a simple project, with coherent materials and a decent finish. And if it sells for a fair price… good!

  • good question….
    i guess the design is not bad but not shockingly amazing. it is a nice chair that does not inspire a discussion (for good or for bad).