Zelfbouwboomhut by Aandeboom


Utrecht designers Rogier Martens and Sam van Veluw of Aandeboom have designed a flat-packed play house that can be attached to the trunk of a tree.

Called Zelfbouwboomhut (Build-it-Yourself Treehouse), the playhouse is made of wooden panels that can be slotted together and strapped to a tree using the ties provided.

See also: Treehouse in Toronto by Nicko Björn Elliott (January 2010)

Here's some text from Aandeboom:


A boys dream hanging on a tree

“As a little boy we already build three houses: Making an unique place to play outside in the branches of a tree. However we could not go any further than a diagonally strip floor made from some old pieces of scrap wood. The designers Rogier Martens (1978) en Sam van Veluw (1982) combined their experience and made a innovative design making this boys dream accessible to everyone.”

The build-it-yourself tree house is a design made of water-resistant panels, straps and lashings. The tree house can be made using the panels and fixed to the tree using the straps and lashings. The ready to use format is handy and accessible for everyone. At the same time you can give it your own character and design. A boys dream comes within reach.

Designers: Rogier Martens en Sam van Veluw
Material: Water resistance clued multiplex, straps and lashings
Dimensions (l x w x h): 1220 x 1000 x 1220 mm
Price: on request

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  • m

    ….if we still had any old growth trees here in ontario, we would be able to use this awesome playhouse!

    • We have tonnes of old growth trees in Toronto. Most of the older neighbourhoods are lined with huge trees, they actually have to adapt the hydro wires to go around the trees, and every so often you'll see a Tree Protection Zone put up while a house is being renovated, to protect old growth trees. I could easily find probably 20 trees like the one in the picture within 5 mins walk of my apartment. This temporary, non-damaging treehouse is basically what my thesis would have been if I had stuck with that direction, good thing I didn't.

  • Absolute brilliant. When moving house you can take it with ya!!!!

  • cool house. Bird like.

  • james

    awesome. i wonder if it can support the weight of adults.

  • Erik

    But there are not many among us with such a large tree in out backyard.
    Even this picture is taken in a public space….

  • Tanya van Leeuwen

    Heeel vet gedaan mannen!! My compliments!!

  • slimme hut; keileuk aan de berkenboom achter in mijn tuin. Voor mijn kleindochter…..Maar heb een paar vragen: is het ophangsysteem geschikt voor een middeldikke boom of heb je een minimale omvang nodig? Blijft het geheel goed hangen als er kinderen in zitten?
    Enne….wat kost deze unieke uitkijktoren???
    Ik ben benieuwd. Groet, Rianne.

  • yael

    please show some pics with people
    it looks like a bird house, its too high off the ground
    to my taste.
    still would love to have if we had any big trees here

  • Rich