Usuki House by Tonoma


Architect Tsuyoshi Kawata of Japanese studio Tonoma has completed a house in Usuki, Japan, which features a wooden terrace wedged between two volumes.

The two-storey building consists of two volumes joined at an angle to each other, with a balcony between them on the first floor.

Called Usuki House, the project sits between a barn and an existing larger house on the site.

The house also features a tokonoma - a recessed space traditionally used to display calligraphic scrolls, flower arrangements or bonsai.

The text below is from Tsuyoshi Kawata:


Usuki House

In the site, the shape becomes the semicircle shape in the neighbor of the main building.

It was necessary to build the new house in consideration of a main building and a small barn.

Therefore I regarded the residence of a main building and the barn, and posted the volume of the south side and the slippage volume which went in the shape of the hemicycle of the north side.

As a result, a remaining site becomes the garden, and the appearance with various expressions is formed. About the planning, I distribute each room by the volumes that I arranged aside and slippage, and the intersecting part becomes the lighting window.

At first, when I enter at the entrance hall of the south side, gentle light comes in the corridor which I bent. through a western opening, therefore impressive space is born. There is a tokonoma of the south side and courtyard of the north side in a Japanese-style room of the entrance west, and there is Living that a family lives in of the entrance east.

Living and Dining becomes the characteristic space by placement of the volume. They are just divided into living and dining in a bending part.

The lighting takes it in the south side and the southeastern side in front of the kitchen from a big window, and the morning sun comes into the dining room at breakfast, and the wife can watch a garden of the southeast side while working in a kitchen.

The second floor changes the first floor some impressions. I establish the balcony during the two volumes and arrange the nursery of the south side and the master bedroom of the north side.

As a result, inside space and remaining outside space formed by the condition of the site and placement of two volume bring about the slow relations of the family.

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  • davidbueso

    its very cool but it seem´s A.siza style (=

  • C 2

    The floor kills me!

  • put the interior elements+the people, then you can feel the architecture..

  • INawe

    lost in translation??? the text makes no sense. lol

  • Obscurity

    Yes, this is Japan….

  • Marianne

    SANAA everywhere… !

  • mk1

    you dicks really should think before you press submit, honestly.

  • yammy

    i have seen the site, and all issues around the neighborhood…I think its a great concept and a really good result for what there is in that neighborhood. anything too extreme in this area or less anonymous would cast shadow on what is really a rather poor area. I’m surprised by the size considering that the plot of land wasn’t really all that appealing to begin with.

  • Thoas

    I wish the English could learn some of the grace of the Japanese

  • rdeamer

    Anything white and minimal does not make it a Sanaa or Siza replica. I think the colour white for housing and modernist design principles well predate both those architects. Do your history clowns!!

    Beautiful house, nice planning, nice openings and void between two volumes is fresh. Good Work. Looks really nice next to old house aswell

  • Jo

    Don’t you guys think Japanese house design has grown to be too stereotype? The minimal white against light wooden textures is all I’ve been seeing. I mean, is Japanese culture really related to Utopian whiteness? I thought Zen and wabi-sabi deal with acceptance to real world’s defection and imperfection in nature. Anyone?

  • wannaliquorbox

    i wish the poster would translate the words of the architect properly, not just put it through an online translating software. as it stands, and this translation is not alone, the words make little sense.