Avalon by Michael Young for Swedese


Stockholm 2010: Hong Kong designer Michael Young will launch a swivelling tub chair for Swedish design brand Swedese at the Stockholm Furniture Fair this week.

Called Avalon, the upholstered chair is meant for use in contract furnishing and also comes in a static version.

"Avalon was created as nod towards the man that first inspired me to become a designer, Vernor Panton," says Michael Young. "I felt that there had not been a great deal of evolution in the big soft upholstered tub chair sector recently, certainly non that swivel and as ever I like to design things that I could have in my own home. It's a serious contract piece suitable for airports and hotels alike. It is also the only one-piece injection chair produced in Sweden in the last 25 years and a serious commitment to the vision of longevity."

Michael Young is our featured designer this month - see all our stories about him in one place here.

The Stockholm Furniture Fair opens 9-13 February. See all our stories about Stockholm 2010 in our special category.

Here's a little more information from Swedese:


Welcome to Swedese at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, stand A20:30 and to the Swedese shop+showroom at Narvavägen 10, Östermalm!

Swedese exhibits its new Michael Young chair - Avalon. It is an easy chair or swivel chair with automatic return, here upholstered in fabric Flex from Swedish supplier Väveriet. Their piece is designed with a 360 degree swiveling base and comes in a wide range of colours.

Please visit our stand A20:30 at the Stockholm Furniture Fair which runs from 9th to 13th February 2010. The Swedese shop+showroom at Narvavägen 10, Östermalm also stays open during the fair period.

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  • tiffany

    WOW looks like an instant classic!

  • Love the shape and the idea it swivels, though you don’t see it straight away – gives an unexpected feature / surprise / engagement to the user (hope you understand my clumsy communication here). Very nice, but I find it too small for contract furnishing.

  • Wadi

    Looks like a wraped eames chair, but nice!

  • pascal

    i find it too big for a contract chair , it looks really big , i am quite small thou so i might have to be hoisted onto this type of contract chair , it upsets me that designers are so hightist

  • Well done Michael.

  • Mattia

    I love Michael Young’s work, but there seems to be something that isn’t quite gelling with this chair. Maybe it’s just the red it’s shown in?

  • Pippa

    Speechless, an endless procession of seamless and
    quality work from Young

  • Looks amazing. Can’t wait to see it in Australia through Fred International.

  • Xit

    Not bad, nice seat details, but very similar this swivel chair for Cappellini by Ola Rune


    Sorry to do the comparison thing

  • christine

    yes but mr Xit ….. one is fat and round the other is sharp and slick …… different manufacturing methods too , and i bet MY is hear for the next 50 years … its a “design” it snot generic

  • Pippa

    Get your point zit man but they are both very
    nice chairs with different feelings. Not the best hair splitting
    i have read on dezeen. You need new eyeware