Sempé w103 by Inga Sempé for Wästberg


Stockholm 2010: Swedish company Wästberg present an LED desk lamp by French designer Inga Sempé at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, which opens today.

Called Sempé w103, it features a hand-spun aluminium shade supported by a thin steel tube, attached to a clamp or cast base.

Wästberg are also launching a brass and rubber lamp by architect David Chipperfield at the fair - see our earlier story

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The Stockholm Furniture Fair continues until 13 February. See all our stories about Stockholm 2010 in our special category.

Here's some more information from Wästberg:


Wästberg to launch collaboration with Inga Sempé

At the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010, Wästberg will launch a lighting fixture developed in collaboration with French designer Inga Sempé.

This elementary lamp is meant to be as simple and solid as a nail or a push pin. As with traditional tool machine lighting, the mechanics are sturdy and long-lasting, with the aim of improving classical industrial elements: the clamp is inverted to offer a better way of using it. The lamp mixes solidity and lightness: a thin beam joins the two opposite pieces of the lamp: the heavy cast foot to a delicate shade. Its silhouette and its various positions bring to mind a small umbrella

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  • Textile

    Nicely Different, however I would rather say mushroom than a umbrella.

  • Rubber

    I must say that i agree with Textile.

    Forza Berlusco

  • Grace

    Looks like the egg head.

  • Beautiful shape, would love to have a field of them on a table. They would look just like a field of mushrooms.

  • they look like mini golf lamps

  • Alfred

    I do like it! Who cares about umbrella, mushroom or whatever shape it looks!

  • dell