Tube Chair by KiBiSi for Hay


Stockholm 2010: at the Stockholm Furniture Fair last week, Copenhagen design company KiBiSi exhibited a chair made of wooden poles joined by cast aluminium components.

Called Tube Chair, the design was developed for a housing project by architects BIG, one of the three KiBiSi founders, and has now been put into production by Danish furniture brand Hay.

KiBiSi was founded in November 2009 by Designer Lars Holme Larsen of Kilo Design, architect Bjarke Ingels of BIG and brand consultant Jens Martin Skibsted of Skibsted Ideation. See our story announcing the launch for more details.

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The information below is from Hay:

TUBE CHAIR - Design by/KiBiSi

Tube Chair is developed for the project 8 House which is designed by BIG and located in Ørestaden in Copenhagen.

The challenge with Tube Chair was to make a modern wooden chair in an industrialized context. Wooden chairs are often centered on craftsmanship which often makes them high-priced. With Tube Chair the craftsmanship is moved from the manufacturing process to the design process and product development. By using a simple wooden broomstick along with casted aluminum components a traditional material is combined with a modern material giving the chair a contemporary expression.

One of the best features of wood is that it ages beautifully and is very durable. If furniture does not take ageing well, it will be thrown away. Making long lasting furniture in design and quality is therefore the best way to produce furniture sustainably. Tube Chair is developed for the 36 000 m2 mixed-use project in CPH, 8 HOUSE. A Stackable chair manufactured of wood and aluminium. Produced by HAY.

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  • Lord D

    Nice idea but shame about the execution. The joints between the wood and the casting is horrible!

    Looks like someone needs to brush up on their DFM skills!

  • Hershey

    Good chair, honest construction, interesting mix of materials, bravo

  • Fountainhead

    You can bet your bottom dollar (forgive pun) that it will be uncomfortable to sit on. Nice otherwise!

  • MrCoolTeapot

    Why do I think it would be much more interesting if the metal were shiny/chrome-like and not dull/painted?

    Nice shape otherwise.

  • Brown

    Is the wood and aluminium held together by glue? – If so, its some 80 surfaces (of two very different materials) that needs to be glued togehter….is that industrial furniture making?