Cabinet by Dimitri Vangrunderbeek


Artist Dimitri Vangrunderbeek of Brussels has collaborated with D&ALab to produce a cabinet scattered with folded out people, exhibited at Object Rotterdam earlier this month.

The cabinet is made from thin sheets of steel which have the silhouettes of men cutout and folded back, casting miniature-people shadows over the top and front surfaces.

Here is some more information from D&ALab:

Dimitri Vangrunderbeek conceived a cupboard in collaboration with D&ALab. The starting idea comes from his moving figurines, cut out of paper, which are folded on the top to the piece of furniture’s feet (1991).

The nice pattern, based on twelve figurines taken from a Muybridge’s photographs sequence, gives us an animated image thanks to the figurines which are set out in various directions and which create a moving effect using their shaping and the variation of their shadow.

To produce this work, D&ALab provided the thin steel sheets and brought a special technique in order to cut down these little shapes from the thin steel sleeves.

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  • Fantastic, reminds me of a South African artist called Marco Cianfanelli. (

  • nayla

    it’s interesting when u take a close look at it! these thin sheets of steel r quite interesting! but i can’t find any relation between them and the cabinet :S

  • BCer

    Nice work Dimi! Poetic and technical…

  • jovel

    i like it!

  • Rikard

    I snagged my sweater on it just looking at it!

  • Fantastic….פשוט נהדר!

  • Magda

    It’s so smart! Brilliant!

  • Christopher

    I love the shadows.

  • very interesting!!!! i like the prespective!!!

  • Kristopher Adams

    Great work. Who cares about function with this kind of poetic beauty…

  • fish fingers

    love it but my dog would have those off in 2 minutes

  • @ Kristopher Adams re “Who cares about function with this kind of poetic beauty…” — good call usually, although in this case, we’re talking about a cabinet, a piece of furniture meant to be utilized. Perhaps as a wall hanging?

  • cv

    @Richard Rothstein
    ‘“Who cares about function with this kind of poetic beauty…” — good call usually’

    are you out of your mind!!!!!!!? a good call usually? this is just attitude is just disgusting. is this mentality still alive and breathing? i am really shocked.

  • Kristopher Adams

    @ cv

    Lighten up please…

    This object still functions as a cabinet doesn’t it? I really don’t think that because someone sees some beauty and attractive difference in the decorative elements to this design we are regressing backwards in our approach to design.

    I do believe the best design is silent, something almost forgotten, but I also find delight in something that is visually exciting and intriguing.

    In future, don’t be so shocked by this.

  • @cv, Yes, function and form are interwined; however, all art is subjective . . . after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Even though I agreed with Krisopher’s statement “the best design is silent”), it doesn’t make that the only valid interpretation.

    When beauty trumps practicality, what’s the harm in using the object (whatever it might be) as a piece of art? Beauty in life is very much underrated, and I’ll take it wherever I can get it.

  • jlen

    So i’ve heard Richard…

    Watch out though, the Police come over if you just start ‘taking beauty’ willy nilly…