Competition: three copies of Stuff We Really Like
to be won


We've teamed up with Manchester graphic designers Music to offer our readers the chance to win one of three copies of Stuff We Really Like, a compilation of favourite things chosen by the people who work in the studio.

The book covers a wide range of the studio's cultural influences and joys from television programmes, metal-band logos and kissing, to spinning a guitar around one's head while playing it.

We have one copy in each colour to give away.

This competition is now closed.

Three winners will be selected at random and notified by email. Winners’ names will be published in a future edition of our Dezeenmail newsletter and at the bottom of this page. Dezeen competitions are international and entries are accepted from readers in any country.

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Here's more from Music:

The idea for the book started life as a very short list of stuff we really like, compiled by people who work at Music. Then it grew… and grew… and grew. And before we knew it we had a list so long we could have written a whole book (or maybe two or three). So we did.

The book is really just a lighthearted collection of personal ‘favourite things’ from people who work in the studio. From 'The Wire' to The A Team, To Kill A Mockingbird, 80’s Electronica, The Chelsea Hotel, Kissing, chocolate, chips and other random things that we’ve loved watching, reading and doing throughout the years. Although the book has ended up 760 pages longer than first planned, we’ve had a lot of fun pulling it together, finding out more about each other and realising how much we have in common (although debates over milk chocolate vs dark chocolate or skinny fries vs fat chips will run forever).

Congratulations to our winners! Irina Chernyakova in the USA, Witold Sliwa in Poland and Tiffany Emma Michalski in the UK.

Posted on Tuesday February 23rd 2010 at 4:35 pm by Brad Turner. Copyright policy | Comments policy

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    i am requesting that the word ‘yay’ be banned from dezeen. put it in the comment guidelines as a no-no and be done with it. the book is ok. i guess.

  • This book looks Deadgood…

  • Just like our world ,to be influenced by every bodies Stuff.
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    And I want to love this chance to win something so delightful … of course you need to pick me…

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