4010-Overdress by Johannes Laue
and Johannes Schroth


Berlin designers Johannes Laue and Johannes Schroth have created customisable covers for the standard internet routers and television decoders provided by Deutsche Telekom.

Called 4010-Overdress, the project includes wood and metal versions. "The customer chooses one design and then, for example, customizes it with a personal engraving," say the designers.

The project is on show at Berlin gallery 4010 until 10 March.

The text below is from the designers:

Design-duo Johannes Laue and Johannes Schroth of Berlin have collaborated with "4010 – der Telekomshop in Mitte" to create stylish covers for Deutsche Telekom’s WLAN-router and TV-receiver.

Since February 3rd, the designs are being exhibited at 4010, Berlin Mitte.

The motiviation for the project was to give the customer the opportunity to adapt the hardware to his personal taste, just as he does with his TV program via T-Home-Entertain.

To achieve this goal, the designers created prototypes of boxes which simply encase the products and thereby give them an individual look. In regards to the production process, the designers put their main focus on regional fabrication and an affordable price.

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  • Great substitution for old ordinary routers

  • Wow, I need to cover my ugly wifi router pronto. I wonder how they could ever mass produce this though. There are thousands of different models for every object they show… I’ll make my own i guess. It should become an open source project.