Gagosian Gallery Beverly Hills extension
by Richard Meier & Partners


American architect Richard Meier & Partners have completed an extension to the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills, California.

The project involved adding 5,000 square feet to the existing gallery, originally completed by Meier in 1995.

The architects have now added a new exhibition space with a curved wooden ceiling and translucent skylights either side.

A new roof deck has also been incorporated.

The information below is from the gallery:

Gagosian Gallery – Beverly Hills Completes Expansion by Architect Richard Meier

New 3,000 Square Foot, Ground-Floor Gallery Space to be Unveiled on March 4th

Gagosian Gallery has completed the expansion of their Beverly Hills gallery, designed by Richard Meier & Partners.

Meier & Partners’ expansion has nearly doubled the size of the gallery, adding 5,000 square feet to the existing 6,600 square foot building. The addition is anchored by a new 3,000 square foot, street-level exhibition space, which includes a stunning, natural wood brown ceiling and translucent skylights. The new building, adjacent to the existing gallery, also features a new 1,200 square foot roof deck.

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    The single support for the wooden ceiling is distracting, this should have been eliminated, this a goof . The art of seeing!!!! this single support will affect the viewing of any art works hanged under the skylight viewers will have to turn around this support to have a full view therefore reducing the impact of the art work. design should preceed function.

  • Kwiatek

    Looks like Richard Meier.
    Always the same…

  • tanya telford – T

    to be honest i imediatley thought the visual interference of the wooden single supports in the space is intentional and started thinking about what id put in there as i quite like them,

  • ajua

    The perfect example on what you NEVER do for an exhibition space, it is av ery protagonist wooden ceiling, for exhibition you need neutral spaces

  • JMS

    ..if the art only work in a "neutral" space – its not art at all..

  • Andy

    mmm nice. Although I think i would prefer it with the spots off, really enjoy the contrast of the dark wood and the white walls.